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Is DJ Fatxo Arrested? Death Hoax Debunked: Is He Dead Or Alive?

DJ Fatxo

Claims that DJ Fatxo was responsible for the murder of Kenyan businessman Geoffrey Mwathi sparked a storm in March 2023. Is DJ Fatxo being detained in relation to this case?

DJ Fatxo, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, is a DJ, musician, artist, businessman, and entrepreneur from Kenya.

He has established himself in the Kenyan music industry and is renowned for his exceptional DJ skills, financial savvy, and humanitarian activities.

Fatxo has performed in Kenya and abroad on a number of occasions and locations. Apart from his musical pursuits, he is also engaged in many commercial endeavors such as event coordination and fashion.

The musician is said to be dedicated to encouraging and developing Kenyan talent and has worked with other musicians in the field.

People are interested in learning the DJ’s biography since he has been involved in a number of issues recently. So let’s find out more, including whether or not he has been arrested.

DJ Fatxo: Is He Arrested? How Did He Act?

In March 2023, there were rumors about DJ Fatxo that he was the cause of the death of Kenyan businessman Geoffrey Mwathi.

Before his death, the dead was allegedly last seen with the musician.

Similarly, on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, DJ Fatxo was the talk of the town after the mysterious discovery of 23-year-old Geoffrey dead and unconscious in his house.

According to the statement at Kasarani Police Station, Geoffrey Mwathi fell from the tenth story of Redwood Apartments on USIU Road by mistake, according to the singer, his driver, and his cousin.

DJ Fatxo recruited Mwathi on February 21, 2023, to modernize the interior design of his business and office.

After discussing the role with the DJ, the deceased went with him to other nightclubs where he was booked to appear.

At approximately three in the morning, the DJ, Geoffrey, and three ladies were spotted on CCTV arriving at DJ Fatxo’s home.

Mwathi was left at the house with two other guys by Fatxo and the three other ladies at about four in the morning.

The two guys were seen on CCTV viewing the bottom level of the building at approximately 5:30 in the morning when Geoffrey’s corpse plummeted and hit the ground face down.

The distraught family disregarded the suicide idea that the two men and the DJ had devised, pointing out that Mwathi had never considered ending his own life.

While the claims are still being investigated by the police, no concrete evidence linking DJ Fatxo to Mwathi’s demise has been found.

Therefore, the musician who was writing this piece was not detained.

Disproved Death Hoax: Is DJ Fatxo Still Alive?

The answer is that DJ Fatxo is still alive since, as of the writing of this article, there has been no formal confirmation of his death. Thus, the answer to the query, “Is He Dead Or Alive?” is yes!

Many fans were startled by how quickly the death rumors circulated since they were concerned about their favorite DJ.

These allegations, however, have subsequently been refuted since DJ Fatxo is still active and successful today.

He is so sure that he would come clean that he has even consented to work with the police investigators to look into Mwathi’s death.

Although DJ Fatxo’s precise net worth has not been made public, given his impressive career in music, we may assume that he has amassed a sizeable fortune.

We hope he becomes honest about Geoffrey’s passing, and we’re excited to learn about his next musical endeavors.

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