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Is Coolio’s Love For His Kids Excessive?


There is a well-known rule that advises you should never “mess” with ethnic parents. Looking at Coolio’s father, this sentence fits right in.

Coolio, an American rapper, has always been very particular about what his children should and should not do.

“I pay the bills and set the rules.”

Coolio discusses creating a line in the sand when it comes to his daughter’s relationships.

According to a People Magazine article from 2008, the father of four girls (at the time) stated that if someone messed with his children, he would go to prison.

Although it may appear to be a bit much for some, a father’s love is usually served cold, which means that while Coolio may appear scary, he is a softie for his girls and loves his family.

Coolio’s Offspring

The rapper currently has ten children. From his ex-wife, Josefa Salinas, he has four children: three daughters named Artisha, Brandi, and Jackie, and a son named Artis.

From 1996 to 2000, Coolio was married to his ex-wife Salinas. However, this marriage did not produce 10 children; his other six children were the result of prior relationships.

Aside from his ex-wife, he was also in a relationship with Mimi Ivey, but they split up soon after.

The Grammy Award Winner has twin daughters named Shayne and Kate, as well as other children named Darius, Zhaneand, Milan, and Grits.

Grits, the ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ singer’s oldest don, was entangled in a scandal in 2012 when he was sentenced to ten years in prison for armed robbery.

Grits were also seen on his father’s reality show Coolio’s Rules, which aired in 2008 and portrayed Coolio attempting to combine his life as a musician and a single father.

Unfortunately, problems have always plagued Coolio’s life, as one after another of his blunders and incidents were widely documented in the media.

Several Mistakes

According to the Miami New Times, he was sued in 2013 for bull-riding a woman’s back after leaping on her back as a result of the event; he received a default judgment from a federal court.

Coolio has received a lot of flak for tampering with a transsexual person’s outfit on Celebrity Big Brother. He did, however, leave the season freely.

Coolio’s Big Brother Fights Compilation

But this is not the end of the story.

The Fantastic Voyage singer was involved in more bad news when he was charged with violence for hitting his girlfriend.

Anabella Chatman was his girlfriend from 2012 to 2013. The couple had been dating for three years at the time.

Chatman, who is also Coolio’s mother, told the officer that her boyfriend shoved her to the ground and then struck her in the ‘right side of her lip’ when she rose.

She further claimed that the 58-year-old rapper attempted to flee with their son and another lady.

According to Today News, there was another woman on the scene, and she was identified as Melynda Karr.

When she came to a halt, she disclosed that Coolio’s truck had swiped her, leaving a tire imprint on her left leg.

Although Coolio was the one who drove her to the emergency room, the harm to the situation had already been done.

Though the rapper and his girlfriend (at the time) rejected the allegations, further investigations revealed that he was a “predominant physical aggressor,” resulting in his arrest.

Despite being embroiled in several problems in the past, the 58-year-life old’s today appears to be a lot calmer and, well… wealthy.

What Has Happened to Coolio?

Coolio, who briefly became a real sensation with his TV show Coolio’s Rules, has also starred in game shows and other reality shows such as Wife Swap.

He is still active as a personality, although no new solo projects have been launched as of yet.

Coolio appears on the track “Coolio Interlude” from Fuck Versatile’s 2021 album, and he also appeared on Versatile’s 2019 track “Escape Wagon.”

He is hardly a fresh face on mainstream television, despite his great success in music. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth to be $500 thousand, based on over 70 film and television credits and the sale of millions of records over his singing career.

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