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Is Bob Barker Still Alive?

Bob Barker

Bob Barker, The Price is Right was hosted by the famed American game show presenter for more than 35 years. In his college years, Barker had a side job as a radio host. He started presenting Truth and Consequences in 1956 and held the position through 1975. He took over as host of The Price is Right in 1972 and left the position in 2007.

After spending a half-decade on television, Barker went to his house in the Hollywood Hills and began a clandestine existence. On April 1st of 2015, he made an unexpected appearance on The Price is Right, but we haven’t seen him since.

Bob Barker is still alive, so there’s no reason to be concerned

Bob has struggled with his health on several occasions, including a stroke and skin cancer.

From his mid-50s to the 2000s, Bob Barker gracefully grew older in front of the world. Barker, who aired Truth or Consequences for 20 years, admitted to The Los Angeles Times in 1990 that he had never imagined being able to run another program for as long.

Bob replied,

I never thought I would accomplish anything longer.

“I never thought I would even live longer,” the speaker said.

By then, Barker’s distinctive grey hair had established itself as a trademark. He had attempted to hide it by going gray with his hair, but he eventually decided to “let it go.” He clarified:

Bob has plenty of health struggles, including suffering a stroke and skin cancer

People at the show told me, “You look better this way than you do with it colored or colored,” when I got home. Why don’t you just leave it like this?”

Bob was 84 when he retired in 2007. On December 12, 2021, he will celebrate his 98th birthday. Bob has experienced numerous health issues since his retirement, including skin cancer, prostate surgery, a stroke, and injuries brought on by falls.

Bob’s age group experiences frequent falls, and because of their older age, their recuperation is slower. Bob had two hospital stays for excruciating back pain in 2018. According to his spokesperson, Bob spent his 95th birthday resting. The spokesman clarified:

He’s just taking it easy, and soon his family will probably visit. His back is still healing, though. He is developing. It’s a somewhat slow process because he’s 95 today. However, everything is pointing to a full recovery, so he will simply carry on as normal. He’s simply making the efforts required to heal and improve, and he’s moving in the right way.

By following stringent quarantining guidelines and limiting visits from friends and family, Barker managed to stay safe and healthy throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Bob only travels outside of his Hollywood Hills residence to visit his ex-wife Dorothy Jo Gideon’s grave. Dorothy suffered from lung cancer and died in 1981. After the passing of his loving wife, Bob never got remarried.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, a source claimed that Bob eagerly anticipates the day he will see Dorothy again.

The insider said, “He’s not afraid.”

I believe he is eagerly anticipating seeing Dorothy Jo again.

Bob Barker attributes his long life to a vegetarian diet and regular exercise

Bob discussed his 40-year dedication to a vegetarian diet in an interview with the Vegetarian Times in 2012. He admitted that he changed to a vegetarian diet out of compassion for animals, but that he later discovered that vegetarianism offered several health advantages. He stated:

Before I discovered that many individuals became vegetarians out of worry for their health, I was a vegetarian for a very long time. They are, in my opinion, entirely correct. The healthiest way to live, in my opinion.

Bob attributes his long life to frequent exercise as well.

If you want to take advantage of your golden years, I advise that you become a vegetarian and engage in regular exercise.

When Bob Barker appeared on television once more, it would be an emotional experience. Although Bob’s health might end up being an obstacle, he assures us that we need not be concerned because Drew Carey is an equally skilled actor.

According to a source, “He likes Drew Carey and appreciated the performance.”

“He likes him.”

In keeping with his modest personality, Bob downplayed his influence as The Price is Right’s host and attributed the success of the program primarily to its formula. To The Los Angeles Times, he stated:

The compelling fundamental premise of the show—that everything is centered on prices—is the reason it is still popular. Everyone can relate to costs. The viewer becomes interested the moment something is placed up for auction. We will have achieved what every game show producer desires once you get involved, which is viewer interaction.

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