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Inside Kristin Chirico Life, Her Husband

Kristin Chirico

Kristin Chirico became well-known for her work on BuzzFeed’s Ladylike videos. People were attracted to the series and Chirico because of her ingenuity and upbeat demeanor. She resigned from the publication in January 2020 to work with her longtime friend Jen Ruggirello on social media.

The Kitchen & Jorn Show, a YouTube channel created by Chirico and Jen, has 221K subscribers right now. On other social media networks, such as Instagram (420K followers) and TikTok, Kristin is also doing well (150.1K followers).

Kristin Chirico and Jen left BuzzFeed because they were suffering emotionally and physically

The crew that made Ladylike so successful for BuzzFeed included Kristin and Jen. During the five years they were working at BuzzFeed, their friendship grew.

Sadly, the smiles on Jen and Kristin’s cheeks on the broadcast concealed their anguish at having to live up to BuzzFeed’s hierarchy’s high expectations. In a video that was uploaded to their channel on December 4th, 2020, Jen stated:

“There were quite high quotas, which meant you had to shoot a lot of stuff, come up with fresh concepts, and release new material… However, the level of support and confidence that the company’s leaders showed in us seemed to decline. You feel as though the “ultimate objective” is getting more and further away in a circumstance when a lot is expected of you.

Content producers like Jen and Kristin are under a lot of pressure due to the constantly rising expectations and dwindling support. Kristin’s mental state deteriorated to the point where she began to consider suicide.

Kristin didn’t feel like living for a year and a half, but she was unable to leave BuzzFeed since she didn’t think she could succeed anywhere. In the end, Jen and Kristin decided to leave the company for their mental health.

Jen and Kristin decided to take advantage of the chance when Jen was casually informed about the possibility of starting a YouTube channel. Early in October 2020, the pair published their debut video. Two months later, the channel is flourishing.

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Brian, Kristin Chirico’s partner, came out as non-binary in the public eye in late June 2019

On March 19, 2017, Kristin and Brian got married. In an Instagram caption, Kristin wished Brian a happy third anniversary on March 19, 2020, noting how much had changed since they got married.

The largest adjustment may be that Brian now identifies as non-binary. In the latter part of June 2019, they announced it. Chirico claimed on Twitter that she avoided using they/them in social media addresses until Brian was at ease with his new persona. She uttered:

I didn’t refer to them as frequently until they felt safe being addressed as they/them in public because I had to find a way to honor both their gender and their timing and process for coming out.

Kristin Chirico strongly supports body acceptance and opposes all sorts of prejudice

Kristin has long been a proponent of body acceptance and continues to urge people to respect all body types. She acknowledges that it can be challenging for her to be positive about her physique at times, but she always manages to do so. She added the following caption to a few Instagram pictures on September 20th, 2019:

“I often find it difficult to look at images of myself for a variety of reasons related to my mental health, but this team of people put their heads together to come up with some beauties that made it much easier,” the author said.

Chirico, one of the well-known faces of the Black Lives Matter movement, is adamantly opposed to all types of discrimination. She sent the following message with an Instagram photo on May 31.

I intend to “lead with love.” And I mean “lead with love” in the sense of “I’m going to let my love of justice lead me to open my dang pocketbook in support of folks fighting for Black Justice.

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