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Inside Andrew Silverman’s Life: Lauren’s Cheating On Him

Andrew Silverman

Real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman. He is a businessman, land engineer, and finance manager from New York. After his ex-wife, Lauren Silverman, a well-known socialite, famously cheated on him with British television celebrity Simon Cowell in 2013, he attracted media attention.

Andrew might not be one of the hard-to-catch spotlight-commanding tycoons in the city. But following the scandalous incident, he shot to fame. He was a key topic of discussion for several tabloids for months.

He also became enmeshed in the spotlight of the accompanying media coverage. Due to his media interviews regarding his private life, Andrew did not have much popularity. Nevertheless, he gave the media several remarks and photo opportunities regarding his wife’s adultery.

Learn everything there is to know about Andrew Silverman, including his beginnings as a businessman, how he met Lauren, what went wrong between them, how British music legend Simon Cowell came to be the villain in his life, and more.

Andrew Silverman’s Net Worth

Since he was a young child, Andrew has been exposed to wealth or financial security. For as long as he could remember, his father had been a business owner.

An adolescent Andrew and the local kids would ride about the coastline in their Boston Whalers at his family’s seaside home in Stamford.

He is infamous for having amassed millions of dollars on his own or through his father’s business empire as an adult. He has homes in places including Long Island City, a condo, and Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

A casino in Panama is also owned by Andrew and his brother. Additionally, Florida Gaming Centers is a division of his business, Silver mark. The group is the property’s stalking horse bidder.

Not to mention that Samantha Zimmerman, his current wife, received a sizeable inheritance from her late husband as well.

Given the aforementioned accounts, it might be an understatement to say that Andrew Silverman has a net worth of only $30 million.

The fact that he continues to reside in the $6 million Upper East Side apartment where he was reared is noteworthy.

Andrew Silverman Was A Rich Child From Birth

Andrew was likely born in Manhattan sometime in 1977. He was raised in a co-op on the Upper East Side. His parents are successful real estate investors Allen Silverman and Eleonore. The younger brother of Lauren’s ex-husband is named Alex.

In the 1980s, Silverman’s parents formed the real estate firm The Andalex Group by fusing the names of their two sons, Andrew and Alexander. In addition, the Silvermans possess several residences in Manhattan and a $4.5 million Connecticut farm.

Beginning His Career In Family Business, Andrew Silverman

When Mr. Silverman was younger, he would observe his father’s business meetings, and as a teenager, he would spend the summers working there. After some time, he also began providing legal services to the business.

According to his brother Alex, Andrew was always somewhat of a leader in his brain and ahead of the game.

After earning his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Andrew started working at Credit Lyonnais on the trading floor. After that, he was appointed chief investment officer of Andalex, the family business.

He co-owns Andalex with his brother, a company that focuses on buying, developing, and managing commercial, retail, and residential properties in the US.

Lauren Silverman, Andrew’s ex-wife They first met in their 20s. Lauren and Andrew Silverman were wed for ten years in total. Beginning in the early 2000s, they were married until November 2013.

They got married while they were both in their mid-20s and went on to have one son, Adam. When Lauren was a regular in the city’s social scene in her early 20s, the real estate developer first met her.

The couple had been residing in the opulent apartment in the aptly dubbed “white glove condominium” The Savoy on Manhattan’s Upper East Side since 2000.

Lauren, his ex-wife, cheated on him with Simon Cowell, a British celebrity

She became pregnant while dating America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, it was revealed in the middle of 2013. Around July 2013, Simon became pregnant with Lauren, Andrew’s former wife. According to numerous accounts, Andrew Silverman had recently added a 10-karat diamond to her ring.

While on vacation with Andrew in Barbados, Lauren met Cowell through Andrew. At that time, Simon and Mezhgan Hussainy were still wed. The businessman Andrew and Simon were longtime friends.

Later, reports began to surface that said Lauren was not only having sex with Mr. Cowell but was also in love with him. She had also given birth to his child.

What Went Wrong In The Relationship Between Andrew And Lauren?

For a while, there were reports that Andrew and Lauren’s marriage was having issues. Eleonora and Allen, Andrew’s parents, also didn’t care for their former brunette daughter-in-law. Even at their wedding ceremony, they weren’t there.

Andrew reportedly skipped the holidays for work, but Lauren reportedly planned getaways for a month in advance. Then, according to reports, Lauren would travel alone, sometimes even abandoning their son Adam for extended periods. On one of the excursions, she allegedly began sleeping with Simon.

Later, Lauren said that she became close to Simon since Andrew, like her, traveled the world and partied with several girls. When Andrew learned of the relationship, he filed for divorce.

Despite the high-profile celebrity incident, Andrew and Lauren decided to end their marriage promptly and secretly.

According to reports at the time, Lauren received about $2 million after she and her ex-husband, a New Yorker, divorced. However, the ex-couple stipulated that Cowell was not allowed to be near their kid, Adam. Even though that provision ran out in January 2015. The New York-based businessman was the one who first mentioned the disease.

Andrew was the one who requested a divorce, citing adultery as the main cause. Additionally, the co-owner of The Andalex wished to have complete custody of Adam. She was also charged with being inhumane and harsh by him.

According to Page Six, Cowell and Andrew had a private meeting before the Silvermans’ divorce procedures to settle their differences and prevent Andrew from disparaging Cowell in the media.

Lauren Silverman’s Comments on the Situation

Lauren, on the other hand, asserted that they had a contract in place and that Andrew was aware of her relationship with Simon.

She clarified that Andrew was aware of her daily calls to Simon. According to Lauren, her ex-husband was also aware of her relationship with the X-Factor panelist and their engagement plans.

Additionally, Lauren disagreed with granting him sole custody of her first child. She said that because Andrew was rarely present, she would be better able to care for Adam than he could.

The relationship between Andrew Silverman’s ex-wife and Cowell, he claimed, was shocking.

In the 2014 interview, Andrew discussed his feelings following the discovery of his then-liaison wife’s with Simon. The child’s father said,

“a extremely challenging period in my life. I’m not a tabloid story; I’m just an ordinary person. It was an interesting, surprising, and startling encounter.

He further stated that being in the public eye has never been his style and that he doesn’t care for it. Even though everyone wanted to hear about the “hoopla,” Silverman claimed he made an effort to keep as quiet as possible.

The news that Andrew was planning to remarry and move past the Lauren-Simon situation became widely known in 2015.

He got engaged to Samantha Lerner Zimmerman in August 2015, a brunette who some say resembles his ex-wife Lauren. In the Hamptons, Andrew popped the question to her. Former Bear Stearns executive Matthew Brett Zimmerman passed away in December 2012, and Lerner was his wife at the time.

According to the rumors, Samantha is a mother of two. Matthew Zimmerman, her late husband, worked as an executive at Bear Sterns.

According to a friend of Andrew’s, the Manhattan resident was content and had asked for privacy. His kid with Lauren, Simon, and his dad’s new partner, Lauren, were getting along well with both of their parents.

Lauren also praised Andrew for his good news.

Samantha and Andrew both appear to be reluctant to post about their regular activities on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. As a result, it is unknown whether or when the pair got married or started a family.

Lauren Silverman’s Post-Divorce Life

Lauren, the ex-wife of Andrew, and Simon are still together and have been since she ended her marriage to Andrew for good. Eric was born to them on February 14, 2014. It is Cowell’s first child ever.

Despite being a popular topic in numerous media venues for a significant amount of time, many people were/are uninformed of what Lauren does for a livelihood professionally.

Simon and Andrew Silverman made amends

In December 2017, several media outlets began to claim that Andrew and Simon, who had been at odds, had decided to mend fences. Intriguingly, Andrew initiated the process of mending fences.

They had even discussed taking a holiday together with their new families at the time.

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