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Inside Alexandra Cooper Life, Including Her Boyfriend And Parents

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper, The contentious host of the comedy and advice podcast Call Her Daddy. In 2018, Cooper and Sofia Franklyn began the podcast. Barstool Sports, which syndicated and owned a portion of the show, took notice of it. Sofia is the only host after a falling out between Cooper and her.

Cooper recently inked an exclusive contract with Spotify, so she appears to be set for the future. The former owners, Barstool Sports, are not included in the more than $60 million purchase. The podcast will continue to be available for free on Spotify alone. Cooper has also agreed to collaborate with the dominant streaming service on exclusive new projects.

Alexandra and Co-host Sofia Franklyn of Call Her Daddy recently disagreed

At a friend’s house, Sofia and Cooper launched the Call Her Daddy podcast. From their modest beginnings, the two quickly ascended to success and signed a three-year contract with Barstool Sports.

Cooper and Sofia got along well, and they knew how to operate the show and draw in additional viewers. Their attitude toward one another as equals shifted once Cooper received a raise but kept Franklyn in the dark about it.

Peter Nelson, the HBO Sports EVP, and Franklyn’s boyfriend persuaded Sofia and Cooper to renegotiate their contracts after a year with Barstool. The offer was rejected by Barstool Sports, who then reacted with a revised offer that provided Cooper and Sofia with much higher pay. Additionally, it granted the couple ownership of the intellectual property.

Cooper was happy with the conditions, but Franklyn was sure that they could negotiate for better terms. Franklyn planned to propose the management of Barstool Sports after hiring a new agency.

Cooper claimed in a video uploaded to her YouTube account that she had had enough and had made up her mind to take the offer, even if it meant breaking up with Sofia. She uttered:

“Holy fucking shit, these people will never be fucking happy, I thought. Money was the main concern. As much as I wanted Sofia to join me on this voyage and take this transaction with her, I decided to call David Portnoy at this precise time after receiving this document, which I can still clearly recall.”

On May 19, Franklyn shared her perspective on the incident in an Instagram live video. She claimed that the issue was brought on by Cooper’s dishonesty and expressed her hope that they might have handled the situation better.

Alexandra Cooper dated Noah Syndergaard, a baseball player, in 2017

Alexandra Cooper
Alexandra Cooper With Her Ex-Boyfriend [source: Glamour Buff]
In April 2017, Noah and Alexandra were first seen sitting courtside for a Knicks game. Throughout 2017, there was a sporadic relationship between the two. They were last seen together at a Knicks vs. Grizzlies game in early December of last year.

Noah tweeted that baseball was his “significant other” a week following that game. The only subject Alexandra avoids on her podcast is Noah. When discussing her ex-boyfriend, she doesn’t specifically mention him. Although Cooper seems to be unmarried, she nevertheless enjoys herself in New York. In a Call, Her Daddy episode, Sofia and Alexandra discussed the variety of males they see in New York.

“If you walk into Socialista, you are getting guys that, like, are looking finer – suits – and they’re bougie,” Cooper added. Or you can find more recently graduated college men who enjoy sports if you go to the neighborhood tavern. Sofia and I also do both… We were more in the mood for it that night.

Alexandra’s mother Disagreed with the Podcast’s subject matter

Along with her sister Kathryn and brother Grant, Alexandra Cooper was reared in Newtown, Pennsylvania by Bryan and Laurie Cooper. Hockey player Bryan Cooper influenced Alexandra’s passion for sports.

Football was Alexandra’s preferred sport, and she was a standout player while attending The Pennington School. She contributed to the school team winning four Mercer County Tournament titles.

Cooper spent three years as a football player at Boston University as well. She admitted to joining Boston University because of her passion for competitive soccer to Bucks Local News. Cooper remarked:

“I adore soccer, but the standard of play at Ivy League schools is not on pace with D-One. I didn’t want to chance to drop to a lower level of play.”

Alexandra abandoned soccer in favor of a journalism career. When Cooper’s mother first heard the topics that her daughter spoke about on Call Her Daddy, she became concerned. In episode 9, Alexandra said,

My mother has gone insane over it.” She recently informed me that she is aware that Alex and I would be asked to appear in a pornographic film.

But with time, she started to embrace her daughter’s show.

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