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Indie Music Group The Reytons Dominates Album Charts

The Reytons

The Reytons self-released album debuted at number one in the United Kingdom for the first time in the band’s history. What exactly are rock and roll?

The South Yorkshire band has spent weeks attempting to reach the top spot, even constructing a pop-up record store in the Meadowhall shopping area.

The organization stated that its accomplishment was a victory for “ordinary people.”

Jonny Yerrell, the band’s frontman, continued, “We’ve worked our entire life for this.”

The band, consisting of bassist Lee Holland, guitarist Joe O’Brien, and drummer Jamie Todd, was founded in 2017 and released their debut album, Kids Off the Estate, in 2021, just missing the top 10.

Yerrell stated that he believed the band’s popularity stemmed from them being an “honest, straightforward group of fellas.”

He stated,

“We write normal songs because we’re average people in normal areas, and because of them, we’re number one in the United Kingdom.”

The musician stated that the band, along with family, friends, and managers, had “labored” all week.

“The community, the people of Meadowhall who have been visiting us at the store to buy our albums, have made us feel like it’s the 1990s – what we’ve done this week has a nostalgic vibe.”

Bassist Holland stated that his mother was the first person he called to share the news.

“I believe that is the first person you call when you get a number one,” he added.

“Your mothers are the first to witness the sacrifices required to reach this point.”

The band, who are not supported by a record label, stated that they had done everything themselves and were now aiming for a Brit Award.

Yerrell stated,

“We knew exactly what we would do if we failed; we would begin writing our next album immediately.”

“But now that we’ve won for the first time, we’re probably simply going to get drunk.”

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