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How Amara la Negra’s Ex-boyfriend Made Her Homeless

Amara la Negra

For a very long time, Amara La Negra has been in a good mood. She dominated the Spanish music scene and became well-known in the country, where she is admired for her versatility as an actress, singer, and all-around performer. Recently, the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star spoke candidly about her struggle.

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What is the Net Worth of Amara la Negra? Salary, Earnings

As of November 2022, Amara la Negra’s net worth was roughly $2 million.

The Dramatic Breakup’s Story

On Love & Hip Hop, her traumatic and dramatic breakup was seen by viewers all around the world. Thankfully, the majority of the public response was favorable. Their relationship was on fire until a tragic breakup. Amara La Negra discussed how she discovered similarities between the Emjay she dealt with and the one his ex-girlfriend Anne had described.

The vast differences in viewpoint ultimately caused everything to fall apart. According to rumors, Emjay lived with Amara mostly because of her wealth and plenty. Even Amara claimed that EmJay attempted to support and help her rather than pursue and advance his career.

living on the streets

Amara La Negra clarified that her ex-boyfriend handled her money matters. On The Real, she admitted that once her relationship with her ex-boyfriend ended, she was forced to spend three months at a stretch living in her car. She was always by her mother’s side. She and her mother were compelled to take cover inside the car after the relationship was unintentionally discovered.

“I used to live in a car. No one knew that I was parking in front of stores with cameras, Amara admitted.

Amara on Dating Black Men

Unexpectedly, Latinos experience subtle racism in their immediate environment. The singer, 39, admitted in a recent interview with Vlad TV that she was raised hearing about people’s “major la Raza” mentalities. Friends of her mothers are often telling her not to date black males. They advise her against getting married to a black man because, in their words, she should consider “bettering the race.”

The Afro-Latina singer, 29, asserts that this mindset serves as indoctrination and has been passed down for years. She has heard, for instance, that because of her beauty, she ought to wed an Italian or a European.

She responded, claiming she had come to know that it wasn’t she who was the issue, but rather the others. Because if you tell me not to enjoy it, then you’re encouraging me to hate myself, she said, “Like it’s not me, it’s you.”

Amara La Negra, who has a successful career in music and television, just bought a house that she lives in with her mother and her current lover.

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