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Holly Forbes Story: She Lost Her Hair Due To Seizure Medication

Holly Forbes

Holly Forbes reached an emotional conclusion as the top ten were reduced to the final eight. Few people will forget Forbes’ amazing performances on the show, even though she won’t be competing in the semifinals. The native of Kentucky showcased her vocal range with a powerful performance of Elton John’s Rocket Man.

She chose Kelly Clarkson as her coach despite the four judges’ offers to be her coach. During The Knockouts, Forbes was about to quit the show, but Ariana Grande intervened.

Forbes won’t win The Voice, but she leaves a lasting impression on the program that both champions musical prowess and body positivity.

Holly Forbes Seizure Medication led to Complete Hair Loss

According to Holly’s video package,

“I started getting seizures around the age of 11.” Thankfully, she might get better thanks to medical advances. Her hair was fragile and uneven now because of the medication. Holly eventually lost all of her hair.

Living without hair wasn’t simple for Holly, who is now 11 years old. Her confidence was enhanced by music at the time, which she listened to often while singing in her room.

She eventually made singing her career and found a boyfriend via it. Through a posting looking for someone to collaborate with on music, Holly found Seth. While co-writing a song, the two became romantically involved.

Oliver and Violet are their two children together. Being one of Violet’s favorite singers, Ariana was especially happy when she helped save Holly.

Holly chose to take part in The Voice because it prioritizes talent above appearances. Holly appears to have a promising career in music. Holly joined The Voice to win.

Holly said to Parade,

“It may be a pretty excellent ladder to climb up to different areas.”

Forbes chose tunes that complemented her vocals and gave some outstanding performances. She explained to Parade how she approaches the program:

“I simply want to be myself and show America the type of artist that I am. Since we got to choose our songs, I simply wanted to attempt to deliver my best performance while remaining true to who I am as an artist and showing America who I am.

Holly Forbes Looks Set For a Bright Future in Music

Although Holly intended to prevail, she was aware that she would be competing against a talented group of vocalists. She was aware that there would only be one winner and it might not be her. Nevertheless, she considered her presence on the show to be a victory.

“It is such a major deal to have been able to have met so many fantastic singers and creative individuals, not just amazing vocalists, but amazing songwriters who have all these ideas,” Holly remarked.

She said,

“Even if I don’t win, because there can only be one winner, it’s still a win for me because I’ve made so many more contacts and have so many more opportunities than I did before,”.

Although Holly has left The Voice, it’s doubtful that we will ever hear from Holly Forbes again. She appears to be in for a successful singing career, with Ariana Grande maybe having a hand in it. They have developed a close relationship.

Ariana Tweeted,

Oh my gosh. Holly Forbes, you have my undying affection. It’s clear that this is only the beginning, and I can’t even express how eager I am to see what you’ll do. You are completely unstoppable, my smart friend, and I am at your side at every turn.

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