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Has Bob Barker Passed Away? An Examination Of His Medical History

Bob Barker

Bob Barker is one of the most well-known actors on television. He is sometimes compared to Alex Trebek because of his distinction and longevity, and he serves as an example for many others in the entertainment sector.

People from all walks of life who watched Barker day in and day out on The Price are Right praise him. The game show was taken over by Drew Carey when he briefly left in 2007.

He hasn’t made many appearances in the mainstream media since then as he has kept quiet. Because of this, some individuals have questioned his survival. A few years ago, there was even talk of the renowned host’s death. But was there any truth to it?

Has Bob Barker passed away?

Simply said. Barker has a highly active life. However, his recent inactivity has caused some people to question if something has happened to him.

This piqued curiosity and even resulted in an online death fake about Barker that was extensively spread.

An article claiming that the former Price Is Right host had passed away as a result of a head injury he got at home was released in July 2017 by an unreliable media outlet.

According to the newspaper, he “broke his head open” during the collision, was taken to the hospital, and was subsequently pronounced dead.

Due to the social media frenzy that resulted, many individuals believed the news without first verifying its veracity. Many people expressed their condolences for Barker on Twitter and shared their happy memories of him.

The accusations concerning his death were untrue, although the article wasn’t entirely made up. It was related to a recent at the time, actual accident Barker had caused, resulting in a non-fatal head injury.

Cancer, other health problems, and the key to a long life: Bob Barker

Fans of Barker are aware of his propensity for mishaps and health problems. But in his 98 years on earth, he has never experienced a potentially fatal health problem.

The renowned game show presenter was born on December 12, 1923, in Mission, South Dakota, but he spent most of his early years escaping his native state’s oppressive heat.

He stated to Esquire in 2007 that as children in South Dakota,

“we pulled our shirts off when school let out and didn’t put them on until school started in the fall.” “Five or six times a day, I’d go swimming.”

He also enjoyed getting tanned and would spend more than three hours every day doing it. However, he would subsequently experience the consequences of all of these.

During the interview, he admitted,

“I have skin tumors from my wasted life.” Throughout his adult life, Barker has experienced sporadic attacks of skin cancer.

Every three months, the host used to have precancerous growths on his body removed, and he claimed it was “all worth it.” He also encourages routine dermatologist appointments.

He had a problem with a clogged left carotid artery in 1999, but he underwent a carotid endarterectomy to clear the blockage and was back at work in a month. In May 2002, he had another stroke, and in July 2002, he had prostate surgery.

In October 2015, Barker experienced a minor accident at home in Los Angeles when he tripped and fell on the pavement. Following the collapse, two police officers dialed 911 for an ambulance. After receiving stitches for his forehead in the hospital, he was eventually let go.

He then fell again at home in June 2017 and banged his head. His maid took him to the hospital and later informed them that this fall wasn’t as bad as his last one. However, the public and the media conjured up tales about how this injury was fatal.

More recently, in October and November 2018, he experienced excruciating back pain and was sent to the hospital.

Barker has lived a long, fulfilling life despite all of these difficulties. He attributes his commitment to vegetarianism and his karate lessons with Chuck Norris to his lifetime advocacy for animal welfare.

Until he was 70, he practiced karate. Following that, he did some mild cardio and weightlifting.

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