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Hanne Jacobsen | Husband And Married Life

Hanne Jacobsen

Actress and choreographer Hanne Jacobsen is well-known for her work on Alletiders Nisse, Alletiders Jul, and numerous other projects. In addition, she gained notoriety as the spouse of Mads Mikkelson, the actor from Hannibal, and The Hunt.

After having two kids in between, Jacobsen and Mikkelson have been together since the late 1980s. A lot of attention has been paid to their long-term partnership.

So how did Hanne end up with her husband? How have they been together for more than ten years? Check out a little bit more about her professional background as well.

The spouse of Hanne Actor Mads Mikkelson is Worth Millions of Dollars

Given his extensive resume of credits from worldwide television shows and films, it should come as no surprise that Hanne’s spouse is a great money maker. Even though Mikkelson may not consider himself a bankable actor, reviewers and moviegoers alike continue to pay close attention to his works.

Mads, who speaks Swedish fluently in addition to Danish and English, is thought to be worth over $15 million. He also owns other residences spread over one or more European countries.

How Hanne Recalled Their Initial Encounter

Speaking about the initial moment she met her children’s father, Hanne mentioned that both of them were dancers at that particular time.

At that point, she revealed, she had been dancing for a long time. The Danish choreographer disclosed that she had first encountered Mads during an audition at the Aarhus Theatre. And eventually, both of them were in a romantic relationship. She continued, saying that though their relationship wasn’t easy at first, they eventually fell in love, and she couldn’t help but think as she stared at him:

“That’s the man I’m with right there.”

This friendship has persisted to this day.

When Did  And Hanne Jacobsen Meet?

Even though his family had no artistic background, Mikkelson began displaying exceptional performance skills at a young age. But when he got older, dance was his first love instead of acting. The six-foot-tall Scandinavian actor began taking ballet courses and subsequently spent some time studying choreography at one of the top European schools in Sweden.

And it was in this time frame that he got to know Hanne Jacobsen, the woman he would marry. However, the husband of Jacobsen did not find his professional and artistic life defined by the choreography. So, at 27, he made the decision to give up dancing, moved back to Denmark, and spent all of his free time acting.

When Mads first met, he wasn’t himself. Jacobsen, Hanne

Mads stated in an interview that he first got to know Hanne when the latter was playing a female part in one of his earliest plays, La Cage aux Folles.

The Nordic star told the New York Times the following when asked how they met:

“I met her in La Cage aux Folles while I was dressed like a lady. Something Freudian must be going on there. I believe I was pretty decent, and I was a Chinese girl. I have legs like women’s.”

Hanne Jacobsen and her husband are wed. Mikkelson, Mads

Since 1987, Hanne and her spouse Mikkelson have shared a life. On December 2, 2000, she wed Mads Mikkelsen, the actor from The Hunt. They have two adult children together. Carl and Viola Jacobsen Mikkelsen are the individuals in question.

Mads Mikkelson and Hanne Jacobsen were married in December 2000 and had been together for more than thirty years.

Mikkelson beside Hanne Jacobsen, his spouse, and their two offspring.

Jacobsen is also the late actor Henning Mikkelsen’s daughter-in-law through her spouse; Mikkelsen is most known for the 2005 film Brutal Incasso. She is also the sister-in-law of actress Anette Støvelbæk and actor Lars Mikkelsen from House of Cards.

In addition, they spend a lot of time at the Mikkelsen family’s home on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Much Less Often, Hanne Jacobsen and her spouse share a home.

Despite dating for more than 30 years, their union does not conform to traditional marital laws.

In a conversation with See and Hear, Hanne shared her experience living with Denmark’s most renowned actor.

She revealed that because her spouse Mikkelsen is constantly away, they do not live together at all. She also expressed her belief at the time that their lives would not be as harmonious as they were in the early years of their marriage.

The children’s mother revealed that she does not envision Mads and her sharing a home in Denmark for twelve months of the year. She acknowledged that her partner, an international actor, enjoys working overseas.

The duration of Mikkelsen’s relationship with Hanne during the filming of Hannibal in Toronto, Canada, was limited to three to four months.

Hanne Jacobsen Has Participated In Numerous TV Shows

Hanne, who was born in Denmark on January 13, 1961, started her career in entertainment by playing herself in the reality TV show Harry Måneskin, also known as Harry Moonlight. The third season of Stjerne för en aften (Star for an Evening) featured Hanne as a jury member.

Danish choreographer Hanne Jacobsen, the wife of Mads Mikkelson, is well-known for her work on television shows like Pyrus in the Adventure of All Time (2000) and Everlasting Christmas (1994).

Known for her work in Danish reality shows like Star for an Evening, “Love You Forever” at the Film Festival, and Star of the Night – the Winner, Hanne Jacobsen is the wife of Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelson.

After that, she would play a similar part in regional reality shows like TV akademiet (TV Academy), Stjerne for en aften – vinderen (Star of the Night – the Winner), Elsker Dig for Evigt på film festival (‘Love you Forever’ at film festival), and Det store juleshow (The big Christmas show).

She has also choreographed for the television series Olsen-bands første kup (The Olsen Gang’s First Coup) and the TV movie Det glade vivid (The Merry Madness).

Mikkelson’s spouse’s final role in the entertainment industry was as Djaevel in the television series Pyrus I Alletiders Eventyr (2000).

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