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Hannah Wilkinson | Partner Katie Isabelle Martin

Hannah Wilkinson

Wilkinson plays for her country’s football team as a professional player from New Zealand. For Melbourne City FC, she is a forward in the Australian W-League.

A surprising victory for New Zealand over Norway in the inaugural Women’s World Cup match was recently given by the #17 forward’s goal.

She was conceived on May 28, 1992. 32-year-old Wilkinson is a native of Whangarei, New Zealand.

Additional fascinating information about the female football star: Wilkinson played for Glenfield Rovers while enrolled in part-time classes in Auckland.

She also decided to play collegiate football at the University of Tennessee in the US.

In her debut game of NCAA football, the female GOAT won, leading the SEC with eight goals and 17 points throughout conference play.

Katie Isabelle Martin, a partner of Hannah Wilkinson

Katharine Isabelle Martin and Hannah Wilkinson are now dating in an open relationship.

Initially, the lesbian football star kept their relationship a secret. But it’s clear from her social media posts that she’s still seeing Katharine.

In April 2023, the New Zealand forward posted a photo commemorating their second year of dating. In 2021, they formally declared their love.

Even though many may be curious about how the two met, this is still one of their best-kept secrets.

Katie Martin, Hannah Wilkinson’s girlfriend, was reportedly born in Brisbane. On November 12th, she celebrates her birthday. Martin is a dancing and fitness instructor.

While Martin and Hannah’s job trajectories may not be similar, exercise might have helped them become friends.

The fact that Katherine is a professional dancer may have made it easier for them to have stimulating discussions away from the pressures of football.

For more than two years, the two have been partners.

Since she moved to the nation to play in the league, she and her partner have remained close.

She plays for an A-league women’s football club, thus the two female lovers share a home in Melbourne City.

Hannah has also admitted to being homosexual in a few of her interviews up to this time.

The football star, however, wasn’t always the same; she admitted that she didn’t feel secure enough to discuss her sexuality when she was younger.

Hannah Wilkinson, a gifted football player, is currently in an open relationship with her boyfriend.

The precise moment the football star and the dancing instructor, who were from separate countries, fell in love is unclear.

Katharine Isabelle Martin, Hannah Wilkinson’s companion, is a trained dancer and personal trainer.

Relationship and dating history of Hannah Wilkinson

There isn’t much information available on Hannah Wilkinson, a forward for New Zealand, and her prior partnerships.

As reports have it, Wilkinson and his partner Katie enjoy their dating life in Melbourne City.

Katie, her girlfriend, encourages health and teaches a variety of dance styles.

She has thus far been employed by Mad Dance House. Katie assisted in breaking down the curriculum for the children at the school, which is located in Brisbane.

Interestingly, Katie wants to help the community by working with those who have impairments.

Additionally, she has started efforts to promote dancing around the globe, notably in Africa.

She and Hannah also support the LGBTQ community, keeping in mind how difficult it is for them to get assistance on a worldwide scale.

The loving pair often posts images of themselves together to commemorate special occasions like Pride month.

On April 10, 2022, their second anniversary of dating, Hannah shared a sweet photo with the caption:

I’ve been grateful to you for two years.

In terms of her former romances, Wilkinson, a forward for New Zealand, may have had more than just the current connection with Martin.

But the football star has decided to remain mum about her dating life.

Wilkinson has been dating Martin and is openly homosexual, as was previously established. She has never been secretive about her relationship with Martin.

Martin and Wilkinson have an odd bond. The two female fitness enthusiasts fell in love and were viewed as gorgeous together despite having different occupations.

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