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Hannah Spearritt’s Illness And Health Update: She Fought Breast Implant


Spearritt is the founder and member of S Club 7, which is a pop group. She has been singing for a long time, and her acting career has been running concurrently with her singing career.

S Club 7 was active until 2003 when the band chose to disband. The band released four albums of UK singles.

It began in 1999 and concluded in 2003. Nonetheless, most people recognize Spearritt as a member of the band.

However, she has not appeared in any television show or film since 2018; her most recent television series was EastEnders, and her most recent film was I Dog. As a result, many people are curious about her health.

Hannah Spearritt’s Illness: She Fought Breast Implant

The actress and singer claimed in 2018 that her health deteriorated after she got hidden breast implants in 2013.

Nobody knew about her breast implant before she announced her health problem it in 2013.

Spearritt indicated that she had been dying for a long time and that various symptoms had been noted as a result of the implant, which she had never considered or listened to.

Spearritt discussed her symptoms in The Morning in 2018; she reported hair loss, memory loss, despair, and other minor ailments that depleted her.

After years of suffering, she recorded a documentary for ITVBe called Hannah Spearritt: Me & Breast Implants in 2022, in which she talked about her secret breast implant and the toughest three years of her life.

The actress described how the implant poisoned her body, gradually harming her physically and mentally.

“I was suffering from severe anxiety and was diagnosed with systemic candida, a fungal overgrowth — then the depression hit,” Spearritt explained. “Toward the end, I felt like I was dying,”

She had all medical tests after experiencing several symptoms and being unable to operate or think correctly, and everyone assumed she was insane.

The actress was put on a lot of medicine and was unable to resume her performing career. But after a while, she was accepting, learning, and growing.

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Hannah Spearritt’s Health Status and Update

Since 2018, the actress has not spoken about her health. He has also stayed away from any new projects since then.

However, she has updated the media on her life, and numerous internet portals have noted her health.

Spearritt appears to be doing well in terms of her health right now. In the same year, 2018, she gave birth to a daughter.

The actress and her boyfriend, Adam Thomas, announced the birth of their second child in December 2020. She is currently the proud mother of a tiny but happy family.

Spearritt has been living with Adam Thomas, her long-term lover, and their two daughters. She hasn’t married yet, however, she was engaged to Andrew-Lee Potts until they split up in 2013.

Many people have been waiting for Spearritt to return to her acting profession with the same vigor, but she has not yet claimed to be in a film or television series.

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