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Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke- Biography

Hannah Clarke was an Australian lady who died in a fuel fire in her car with her three children on 19 February 2020 at Camp Hill, Queensland, in a quadruple murder-suicide by her estranged husband, Rowan Baxter.

The murders sparked a large debate about domestic violence in Australia after the news appeared that Baxter had a history of violence and claimed misogyny, and had been subject to a domestic violence order (DVO) as well as child custody demands as recently as the month before the murders.

What is the Net Worth of Hannah Clarke? Salary, Earnings

Hannah’s earnings are insufficiently detailed to be publicized in the media. Because she is no longer alive, obtaining her earnings is tough at this moment. Prior to her death, though, she owned a car and drove her children to school.

Hannah was born and raised in Australia, although her precise birthplace is unknown. At the time of her death, she was living at Camp Hill, Queen’s Island. After years of living in Australia, she met her husband Clarke in 2011. Hannah was just 23 years old and had just finished her first two years of college. Her educational background is unknown.

Hannah Clarke’s mother was the only member of the family that spoke to the press following her death, and her presence was recently noted in Hannah Clarke’s Inquest. Sue Clarke has been distraught since the death of her daughter in 2020. During an Inquest statement, she became emotional. She stated that her daughter’s ex-husband, Rowan Baxter, had contacted his children the night before being cruelly murdered in a petrol fire. He called them via the FaceTime app.

According to Sue Clarke, Rowan sobbed a lot while talking with his kids. Sue said that her daughter’s spouse had won over her entire family. But she didn’t like him at first. After the birth of his daughter Hannah, his demeanor shifted, and he began misbehaving with everyone. According to Sue Clarke, Baxter then began calling his wife a “Fat Pig” and banning her from wearing different sorts of apparel.

Hannah Clarke- Relationship, Married Life

When Hannah Clarke was 19, she met Rowan Baxter, a New Zealander 11 years her senior. Baxter, a former rugby league player, had previously been married to another lady. He proposed to Clarke in 2011, and they married in Kingscliff, New South Wales, in 2012. Their three children were Aaliyah, six years old, Laianah, four years old, and Trey, three years old.

Following the deaths, it was revealed that Baxter had tortured Clarke emotionally, physically, sexually, and financially during their marriage. Baxter was exposed to a DVO after allegedly kidnapping Laianah on Boxing Day 2019. Despite his lawyer’s advice in mediation, he refused to sign a settlement agreement provided by Clarke that would have allowed him 165 days of custody every year.

Hannah’s death

A message that clearly defines Hannah’s ex-husband Rowan Baxter’s physical state was given to the judges after being discovered in Rowan Baxter’s phone. In the note, Rowan Baxter warns Hannah that he will be unable to tolerate being separated from his three children. At the time, Hannah and her children were living apart from Rowan Baxter. On February 19, 2020, Baxter set fire to the interior of the automobile Clarke was driving to send their children off to school, killing them instantly.

Clarke was able to flee the automobile, telling witnesses that Baxter had poured gasoline on her. Baxter did stop passersby from putting out the flames while the automobile was on fire before stabbing himself to death. Clarke was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital with 97 percent body burns and died later that night. Clarke and her children were laid to rest on March 9, 2020. The funeral was attended by Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk. Baxter had his own funeral later on.

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