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Hank Williams Jr. Wife | Did He Marry Again After The Loss Of His Wife | Wiki And Relationship

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr., an iconic figure in country music with a five-decade career and over 50 million record sales, recently experienced significant upheavals in his personal life.

His life was turned upside down in March 2022 when his wife, Mary Jane Thomas, died unexpectedly from a collapsed lung during elective cosmetic surgery in Palm Beach County, Florida. However, as reality frequently shows, Williams announced his engagement to Brandi in May 2023.

They married on September 9, 2023, in Alabama, a few months later. Understanding Hank Williams Jr.’s journey involves a look at his various stages of life, particularly his marriages and his intense love for Mary Jane Thomas. Let us go into Williams’ complex personal life.

Prior Marriages of Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.’s romantic history is filled with broken promises. He had been married twice before meeting Mary Jane. His first marriage, which lasted from 1971 until 1977, was with Gwen Yeargain. He was married to Becky White from 1977 to 1983.

Mary Jane Thomas’ Tragic Death

Mary Jane Thomas was more than just Hank Williams, Jr.’s third wife. She meant a lot more to a lot of people. From 1990 until her unexpected death in 2022, they were lovers. Mary Jane was a gifted artist and musician, as well as a caring wife, mother, and grandmother. Her death left a vacuum not only in Williams’ life, but also in the hearts of those who loved her.

Brandi is Hank Williams Jr.’s new love

Regardless of the obstacles, life has a way of offering solace. It came in the form of Brandi for Williams. The two had been together since 2003, but their romance began in 2021. Their engagement in May 2023 was immediately followed by a small-scale wedding in Alabama.

Hank Williams Jr. Marriages

Given Williams’ volatile love life, it’s worth noting that Brandi is his fourth marriage. Gwen Yeargain, Becky White, and the late Mary Jane Thomas were his prior wives.

Additional Wedding Information

Hank Williams Jr. married Brandi on September 9, 2023, when she was 43 years old, at the age of 74. Their marriage was emphasized by their simple wedding in Alabama.

Hank Williams Jr.’s Life After Marriage

The couple is currently living in Alabama, enjoying the pleasures of married love. Despite the shadows of the past, they remain optimistic about the future.


Hank Williams Jr.’s life is a testament to tenacity. His narrative is both inspirational and tragic, moving from the awe-inspiring highs of his job to the awful lows of personal tragedy until finally finding love again with Brandi. More episodes in the life of this famous musician await us as we travel with him.

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