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Griffin Kinard

Griffin Kinard

Griffin Kinard- Biography

Griffin Kinard is a black man from the Bronx, New York, according to his Twitter page. According to his Twitter bio, he works for SafeLink ISP, a local internet service provider. He appears to have been inactive on his Twitter account for the past four years. However, he has become well-known over the internet, with millions of views, likes, and comments. The video was first shared on TikTok, where it quickly became viral.

What is the Net Worth of Griffin Kinard? Salary, Earnings

Griffin Cousin is a skilled American salesman. It is unknown what his net worth is. A video of a man on social media became viral in which he can be seen talking to another Metro commuter after the latter ordered him and said things like “cool pill le lo.”

Griffin Kinard- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Griffin Kinard, the man who smacked a woman in the face, is thought to be 36 years old. He was born on July 3, 1985, making him 36 in 2021. Griffin, according to his LinkedIn profile, works as a salesperson for Safelink Internet Services. We also couldn’t find out who his wife is because there is no prior information on her. In terms of ethnicity, he is of black ethnicity, as seen by his skin color, and he is of American nationality. However, no information about his parents’ lives or the number of children is accessible. He addressed his children in the video, but not much else was revealed. According to his social media account, he lives in the Bronx, New York. Griffin is not present on Instagram or Facebook.

Quick Facts

Real NameGriffin Kinard
Birth DateJuly 3, 1985
Age (as of 2022)36 Years
Birth PlaceBronx, New York, USA
Sun signCancer

Griffin Kinard- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

He was born in the Bronx, New York, USA. His astrological sign is Cancer. He was 36 years old at the time. He has a good education. He is a skilled salesperson. His marital status is that of a married man. The name of Griffin’s wife is unknown. We update all of these details. If you want to know more about Griffin Kinard Biography, please leave a comment in the box below and we will update more details based on your needs.

How far did he go before hitting the woman in the face?

On social media, a video of a man went viral in which he was seen talking to another metro user when the latter ordered him and said things like, “take a chill pill.” At the beginning of the film, the man raged at the woman, pointing out the manner she told her, and saying angry words on his face. He told her that he would have taken a tranquilizer if she had urged him to. Later, the lady advised the man to take a relax pill. However, the woman followed the man, which infuriated him, and he aggressively punched her across the face. After what transpired in front of a thousand people, neither the woman nor the man responded, and neither of them retaliated in any way.

However, some of the onlookers accused the man of aggressively beating the woman, and his response to all of them was “mind your own business.” The man said these comments in front of everyone and then began to verbally assault. “It’s not about becoming a role model if I had f** respect from individuals like you…. After being a f*** suspect, he proceeded to act like a rant.” “When my family is on the train, move out of the way,” he said while the video was playing. The video was eventually shared on Twitter and quickly went viral, gaining over 2 million views and thousands of comments denouncing the train riders.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Griffin Cousin is a skilled American salesman. He is employed by SafeLink ISP, a local Internet Service Provider. This page does not include his father’s or mother’s names. Griffin’s height and weight are unknown.

Social Media Details

Griffin Kinard does is not currently available on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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