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Gloria Serge Death And Obituary- 85 Year Old Killed By Alligator

Gloria Serge

Gloria Serge’s Death And Obituary: A video of the 85-year-old woman being attacked by an alligator has gone viral on social media platforms such as Reddit. Last Monday, she and her dog died in a tragic accident. The viral video of a recent alligator attack that killed an elderly lady has terrified netizens. Gloria Serge was the victim of that terrible incident.

The mishap occurred in the Florida retirement community of Fort Pierce. Gloria, 85, was minding her own business while walking her dog when the alligator appeared from nowhere and attacked her. Gloria’s dog was the alligator’s first prey, but the Florida gator bit Gloria and killed her.

Gloria Serge’s Death and Obituary: An 85-Year-Old Woman Killed By An Alligator

The video of Gloria Serge’s horrific death is still widely circulated on the Internet. After watching that video, it’s clear how an alligator killed the elderly lady. As previously stated, the victim, Serge, was enjoying her retirement years. She was also living in a retirement community.

Serge and her small dog were strolling alongside a retention pond. It was in the retirement community behind her house. The reptile that killed Gloria was 10-foot-long and weighed between 600 and 700 pounds, according to Fox News. One of the surveillance cameras caught the tragic incident. Furthermore, the video shows the alligator slowly approaching the elderly woman’s dog.

The alligator gradually approached Serge and suddenly attacked her dog; while her dog sensed the danger and dodged the ambush, the elderly lady couldn’t, and the reptile’s teeth bit her leg. Aside from the surveillance camera, someone else witnessed Gloria’s fatal death and called 911 for her rescue, but it was too late.

Carol Thomas, Gloria Serge’s neighbor, called 911

Carol Thomas, Gloria Serge’s neighbor, witnessed her death as well. She obviously lives in a retirement community. Carol was in her bedroom at 12 p.m., according to the report. The elderly lady was enjoying her afternoon when she witnessed her friend’s horrifying death.

Carol witnessed Gloria’s death after rushing outside after hearing a cry for help. Carol then dialed 911; however, it was too late to save Gloria. According to reports, Carol was terrified and afraid when the dispatcher answered her phone call.

“Please move quickly! It’s a massive gator. “I don’t have anything to give her, it’s huge,” Carol said. “It’s too late,” she continued. Oh my goodness.”

The later call recording reveals that there was nothing anyone could have done, and the gator quickly pulled Gloria and killed her. The gator, on the other hand, was killed. Yes, the alligator that killed the 85-year-old woman was caught by a nuisance gator trapper and brought under control.

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