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Getting a Glimpse of David Haydn-Jones’ Life

David Haydn- Jones

David Haydn Jones, better known as ‘Ketch’ from the supernatural series, is a knockout in any role he takes on. When his marital status was revealed by none other than his co-star in 2016, he may have broken a few hearts. Since then, fans have been wondering if the actor is married, as he has never wanted to confirm or deny it.

So far, the Canadian actor has successfully kept his private life a secret, but we are sometimes betrayed by our friends.

In 2016, the supernatural actor may have caused a stir when his co-star and reel screen lover posted an Instagram photo of themselves on a double date with the actor’s wife.

The caption said:

“I had a great double date with my newest costar.”

While his co-caption stars imply that Jones is married, this information cannot be confirmed or denied because the actor has not made a statement on the subject.

A Demanding Job

The supernatural actor may have been stingy with his personal information, but his incredible screen dedication and roles have always made fans feel closer to him. The half-British, half-American actor adores both his craft and his audience. His first film role was in “Iron Thunder” in 1990, and he has never looked back since.

The actor has demonstrated his versatility by appearing in films, television series, and short films. The actor can currently be seen in the hit remake series “Magnum PI.”

Jones stated in an interview about his career:

“Like any actor, I’ve had my ups and downs in this business…
For the past ten or eleven years, I’ve primarily worked as an actor.
That is success in my opinion.”

And we can’t seem to agree on anything. The actor is successful and still relevant in the industry after all these years. Here’s wishing David Hayden another wonderful decade. On March 22, 2017, he tweeted to a follower and asked him to stop spreading hate on social media. David stated in his tweet,

You don’t know anything about me or my relationships in real life.
I wish you happiness.
But I will not be subjected to unjustified hatred.”

It’s unclear why the Dear Santa star insists on keeping his married life and wife private. Aside from his marital status, David conceals his age. Concerning his age, one of his fans named Lena estimated it to be between 41 and 43, which David did not confirm. David later revealed that his birthday is September 25th, but he did not reveal his exact age.

At His Best, Wittiest

Jones may appear solemn, but his sense of humor is well-known in the Twitter community. He used to be very active on social media; however, we can’t seem to find the actor on Instagram or Twitter, so here are some of the saved tweets that still make us laugh and love him more.

The internet has speculated on the super-secretive actor’s net worth, but given his nature, we cannot confirm any sources.
However, we are confident that he has amassed millions of dollars throughout his career.

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