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George Santos False Documents | Did He Lie About His Citizenship Too

George Santos

George Santos was elected as the United States Representative-elect for New York’s 5th congressional district in the 2020 election. Prior to entering politics, Santos worked as a small company owner and community leader in Queens, New York.

He has been involved in his community, serving on the boards of many local organizations and non-profits. He has also been an outspoken supporter of small companies and working families, fighting to solve problems such as affordable housing, transportation, and education. Santos decided to run for Congress because he wanted to give back to his community and reflect the needs and interests of his fellow New Yorkers.

False Documents by George Santos: Did He Also Lie About His Citizenship?

The congressman-elect confirmed The New York Times’ findings that he had not attended college and had worked at two major Wall Street businesses. He did not graduate from Baruch College, did not work for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, and there were no records of his becoming a successful financier or registering his animal rescue nonprofit, according to the Times.

The New York Times also learned that he had been charged with check fraud in Brazil. Furthermore, no evidence has been found to corroborate Santos’ frequent claims of being Jewish, descended from Holocaust survivors, or having Jewish ancestors.

He has not publicly contested any of the claims. Instead, his attorney claimed in a statement made on Monday, “It is no surprise that Congressman-elect Santos has opponents on the New York City Council.” Santos has not expressly denied any of the claims. Instead, in a statement issued on Monday, which included a remark incorrectly attributed to Winston Churchill.”It is no surprise that Congressman-elect Santos has adversaries at the New York Times who seek to destroy his good character with these slanderous charges,” his attorney said. During the 2022 election cycle, the Representative-elect contributed $700,000 to his campaign and reported an income of $750,000. He also claimed to have millions of dollars in assets, including a $1 million home in Rio de Janeiro and a seven-figure savings account.

What Will Happen to George Santos Now? What happened to him?

Former prosecutor Dan Goldman, a fellow New York representative-elect, has called for Santos to face criminal charges for conspiracy to defraud the US and making false claims to the Federal Election Commission.

Goldman refused to comment on whether Santos’ status in Congress should be disputed in an interview with Vox. “In my perspective, the key issue is not whether George Santos should be a member of Congress. The more urgent issue is whether Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership think George Santos deserves to be elected to Congress.”McCarthy, Republican Leader? His Appointed Representative

Kevin Owen McCarthy is a US politician who has served as the House Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives since 2019. McCarthy relies on Santos almost as much as Santos relies on McCarthy. The Republican Leader is facing a revolt from hard-right Republicans opposed to his becoming House Speaker in January.

Given the coming GOP majority, he can only afford a few defections for a stance that requires a majority vote of the whole House. Just before the Times piece was published, Santos endorsed McCarthy on Twitter.

Furthermore, since Santos represents one of the most Democratic congressional districts in the nation, compelling him to resign is difficult under any circumstances. It would be a tough seat for a Republican to retain in a special election, and a defeat would imperil the GOP’s already precarious grip. As unsustainable as the current status quo looks, the only reason for Santos to resign now would be a feeling of remorse, which he does not appear to hold.

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