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Fred Reuter

Fred Reuter

In the Netherlands, Fred Reuter, also known as Frederik Reuter, is a well-known businessman, jeweler, and entrepreneur from Amsterdam. He was born between 1969 and 1971.

Sources claim that Fred is well-known throughout the nation as Linda de Mol’s former husband. Let me tell you that the well-known Dutch actress and television host Linda de Mol. Linda has contributed to several programs in both Dutch and English.

Fred, her former husband, is a well-known jeweler and businessman. He is well-known for being the proprietor of the jewelry company Reuter Diamonds. He has a long history of employment in this field. In addition, he shot to fame after marrying Linda. Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rietbergen have reportedly been living together since 2007.

He announced in January 2022 that she and Rietbergen were divorcing due to Jeroen’s inappropriate behavior. Linda made this announcement on her official Instagram page. We’ll cover Fred Reuter’s age, wiki, biography, wife, children, parents, career, net worth, ethnicity, and other details in this article.

Who is Fred Reuter?

The sources claim that Reuter is a well-known jeweler and businessman in Naarden, Netherlands. He owns and operates Reuter Diamonds, a jewelry store. He also owns several other businesses.

In the nation, Fred is well-known for having been the ex-husband of Dutch actress Linda de Mol. For four years, the couple shared a residence. Currently, Fred and Gisela Otto are a happy couple. Additionally, Fred is a well-known jeweler in Naarden.

What is the Net Worth of Fred Reuter? Salary, Earnings

The sources claim that the successful jewelry entrepreneur makes a respectable living. Fred’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 and USD 5 million (approx.). He currently resides in an opulent mansion in the Dutch city of Naarden. He also owns several high-end vehicles.

Where was Fred Reuter born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Fred Reuter, the ex-husband of Linda de Mol, was born to Dutch parents in Amsterdam. His actual birth date is unknown; no information is currently available. Reuter is believed to be between 50 and 52 years old (as of 2021).

Fred enrolled in the Osdorper Schools Community, according to his Facebook profile. Reuter then started concentrating on the jewelry industry. Today. Famous jeweler Fred is.

Wikipedia – Fred Reuter We discovered that Fred is the family’s oldest child after doing extensive research. Ryan Reuter (brother) and Lorraine Reuter are his two siblings (sister). According to the sources, Ryan, his brother, is a licensed jeweler just like him.

Reuter Diamonds is operated by the two brothers together. When we talk about his parents, Mr. Reuter’s father also owns a jewelry store. His mother stays at home. Fred is a follower of Christianity. Reuter enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Where was Fred Reuter? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

In his lifetime, Fred Reuter reportedly had two marriages. After marrying Dutch actress Linda de Mol, he became famous. The sources claim that Linda de Mol’s first husband was Fred. The wedding took place on August 23, 1991. Fred and Linda divorced in September 1995 after four years of marriage for a variety of personal reasons.

Following that, Fred began dating Dutch TV host Gisela Otto. On August 30, 2003, Gisela and Fred wed after a protracted relationship. Linda, on the other hand, wed Sander Vahle. Wikipedia states that Linda and Sander divorced in 2007.

Linda then started dating Jeroen Rietbergen. Linda, Fred’s ex-wife, announced via Instagram in January 2022 that they were divorcing due to Jeroen’s inappropriate behavior. According to the sources, Linda takes a break from her work as well. In her statement, she claimed:

“So many things have come up that I was unaware of, and since I don’t know about them, I don’t have the faintest idea what’s true and what isn’t.”

Benjamin Reuter and Frederik Reuter Jr. are Fred Reuter’s two sons, and sources claim that Fred Reuter is a proud and content father. His wife Gisela Otto gave birth to Benjamin, Fred’s oldest son, in 2003, according to the sources.

In 2007, Frederik Reuter Jr., his second child, was born. Currently, Fred is enjoying life in Naarden, Netherlands, with his wife, children, and parents.

How did Fred Reuter start his Professional Career?

In terms of his professional life, Fred Reuter is well-known in the Netherlands as a jeweler. Reuter is the owner of Reuter Diamonds, according to the sources. He deals in a variety of pricey jewelry and watches through his business. He is well-connected to well-known businessmen.

Fred has a few side businesses in addition to his jewelry business. He has made investments in several businesses. He is also a formidable rival for other jewelers. Additionally, Fred posted pictures of his jewelry store on his Facebook page.

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