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Fox News Sandra Smith & John Connelly Married Life

Sandra Smith & John Connelly

Sandra Smith and John Connelly’s marriage is still going strong despite the fact that they have been married for nearly nine years. The pair met at work and fell in love, eventually marrying.

Sadra, the Fox Network’s Outnumbered host, is overjoyed with her family life. However, the couple’s split was covered in online tabloids. What really is the truth? We simply have the correct facts; read the article below for further information.

Sandra Is Having A Date With John Connelly

The Fox News reporter began working as a sales trader in the same network as her future husband. Smith had just finished her study and had taken up the role previously held by John Connelly. Both are from Chicago, and the couple recognized each other at the station.

John and Sandra began their love affair in a romantic way. John initially ignored Sandra, but as he looked at her with his corner eye, he blushed. Love was undoubtedly in the air for him, and before leaving the station, he summoned the guts to ask her out.

Sandra accepted his proposal, and the romantic romance proceeded with one date after another until they were a loving couple.

When Did Sandra Smith And John Connelly Marry?

A long-distance relationship put John and Sandra’s love life to the test. Sandra moved to New York to work for Bloomberg Television, 789 miles away from her sweetheart. Connelly was starting his firm in Chicago at the time.

They had to satisfy their desire to meet each other through Skype and phone talks. In most couples, the affair takes a toll due to the lack of an intimate event; nevertheless, Sandra and John passed this test with a large smile on their faces.

The couple expected this to last only a short time, but Sandra had to relocate to New York when she joined Fox News.

The distance between the lovebirds didn’t matter since, on May 1, 2010, they changed their relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife by exchanging wedding vows.

Sandra Smith’s Married Life And Family Situation

After overcoming all obstacles and marrying in 2010, their wedding was pretty spectacular. In front of their family and friends, Smith and John proclaimed their love and promised to live together forever.

Sandra Smith (left) and John Connelly (right) kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.

The ceremony was held at Holy Name Cathedral in the couple’s hometown of Chicago. Even after their marriage, their love was put to the test when they were separated for a year. John made some plans and traveled to New York in 2011 to settle with his wife.

John currently works as the Director of Product Marketing at CME Group, and the pair welcomed their first child, Cora Belle Connelly, in 2013. The occasion brought delight to both of the couple’s lives, and it returned two years later.

Sandra gave birth to a son, John Connelly Jr., on January 14, 2015.

The family of four is now complete, and they are happy together, so any rumors of their divorce is merely a rumor. This joyful family participates in many adventure activities, which strengthens their bond even more.