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Fierce Twitch Stream Debate Between Hasan Piker And Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate

In a recent discord call, businessman Andrew Tate and Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel discussed gender stereotypes.

Tate’s “truths” compelled xQc to disagree with him, which led to a disagreement. The two engaged in a heated dispute that quickly gained popularity online.

Hasan Piker, better known by his stream name HasanAbi, ultimately became interested and indicated a desire to debate the contentious social media celebrity.

The most prominent political pundit on Twitch, HasanAbi, initially predicted that Tate may reject his offer.

The four-time kickboxing world champion, together with Fortnite pros Clix and Buck, ended up in front of him in a video call a few hours after he had said that.

On July 21, 2022, the discussion was broadcast on the streamer’s Twitch channel.

Instead of talking about Tate’s divisive views on women, the streamer started probing him about his business methods.

Hasan Abi provoked the boxing champion and was expelled from the crowd.

Hasan Piker and Andrew Tate’s Fierce Debate

The Twitch streamer’s live session lasted for almost seven hours, and in the midst of it, he called Tate and his buddies Clix and Buck.

Tate and HasanAbi argued for the brief time they were on the call over several issues.

They talked about issues like who was a more repressive leader among men and women, who was a better driver among men and women, and whether one should base their ideas on empirical research or personal experience.

“Many of the things you’ve said that have been criticized are false, especially the ones about women driving. HasanAbi said in response to Tate’s statement that women couldn’t drive: “There is no empirical proof to support those claims, which is why you constantly turn to anecdotes.

The Twitch celebrity said that the kickboxing champion’s beliefs were “simply personal opinions” and “not common sense.”

Tate agreed and retorted that although one may learn the truth from an internet study, the only truth that anyone could live by was the reality that they experienced.

HasanAbi Issues Practices of Andrew Tate in Business

The two then changed the subject to Tate’s business methods, which is when things heated up.

HasanAbi claimed that Tate’s Hustler’s University was a “controversial pyramid scheme” and charged him with employing deceitful methods to brainwash young males.

The streamer then requested that the businessman clarify his business strategy, but Tate’s friends encouraged him to leave the stream rather than respond.

The streamer was repeatedly referred to as uninteresting by Tate and his buddies, who also requested he cancel the call.

Tate said that he didn’t have to give him any answers because the streamer wasn’t the police and accused him of dodging his inquiries.

When Tate was confronted with his views and behaviors, one of his buddies cut off the call, prompting HasanAbi to tweet that Tate’s “frame shattered.”

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