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Father of Henry Tadeusz Farrell Disclosed the Illness of His Elder Son

Henry Tadeusz Farrell

Colin Farrell’s son is Henry Tadeusz Farrell. He is an Irish actor who debuted in The War Zone before becoming well-known for his work in the drama “Tiger Land” in 2000.

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Net Worth of Parents

Given that Henry is still a child, we may rely on his father’s income. Colin Farrell’s net worth as of December 2022 is $30 million as a result.

Is Colin, Henry’s father, wed?

Henry’s father is not currently legally wed to anyone. Yes, he has dated a number of women over his life. beginning with his first known liaison with singer and actress Amelia Warner, whom he met during the premiere.

They were significantly younger when they got married in Bora Bora (the island). He also inked her ring finger with the name Millie as a sign of his affection. It sadly only lasted for four months.

Later in his professional life, he developed relationships with a number of famous people, including Britney Spears, Nicole Narain, Josie Maran, Michelle Rodriguez, Angelina Jolie, Maeve Quinlan, and others. Additionally, he was dating an Irish student by the name of Muireann McDonnell.

Half-sibling of Henry Tadeusz Farrell

Henry is the second child of Colin. One older half-sibling named James Padraig Farrell exists for Henry. There is a six-year age gap between the two brothers. James is now seventeen years old despite the fact that he was born in September 2003.

Henry was then brought into the world. While Henry’s child is American, his parents are of Irish and Polish ancestry. James, on the other hand, is American because of his mother.

Who is the mother of James and Henry?

Henry and James had different mothers. Colin’s oldest child is James. James was born to his former lover Kim Bordenave. Kim works as a model.

The woman is now wed to Jimmy Gamboa following a divorce. Now let’s talk about Henry, his younger child, who was born to Polish actress Alicja Bachleda- Curus.

Ondine is a movie that Colin and Henry’s mum worked on together. When they first welcomed her, Colin and she were a couple. Henry’s parents divorced a year after his birth. He so has joint custody of both of his kids with their mother.

The father of Henry Tadeusz Farrell has discussed the illness of his oldest child

Two of the actor’s sons. James, his oldest kid, has Angelman Syndrome, though. It affects abilities like speech, IQ, and balance. It has also been demonstrated that seizures can happen in unusual situations.

The situation of the man’s son has since helped him to become more lucid. He added that parenting entails a lot of responsibilities. For his child, he must constantly be available. And to do that, he must make a few adjustments.

Is Colin’s wife Kelly McNamara, a member of U2?

Many celebrities decide to avoid drawing attention to their private life in public. Colin falls into this group as well. He does a better job of keeping romantic discussions private and out of the public eye.

As a result, it’s not obvious whether the woman is his wife, whether they are still dating, or if they have broken up. Kelly is a band member of the U2 ensemble. Over three years have passed since they began dating. No other details about them have been revealed up until this point.

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