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Family Life: Who Is Jesse Watters Daughters’ Mother?

Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters, a well-known Fox News reporter, is used to being the face of news and political debates. His daughters, however, are the ones generating headlines these days.

Jesse Watters is noted for being upfront about his controversial thoughts and pronouncements on Fox shows such as ‘The O’Reilly Factor and, more recently, ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ Similarly, he has been forthcoming with information regarding his relationships.

Watters created quite a commotion in the media when he admitted to adultery in 2018, making people even more inquisitive about the women in his life.

Who Is Jesse Watters’ Daughters’ Mother?

Jesse Watters and producer Emma DiGlovine have been married for roughly two years. They have a son, Jesse Bailey Watters, Jr., and Jesse also has twins Ellie and Sophie Watters, who were in his life before Emma arrived.

Jesse has twin daughters from a previous marriage to his coworker Noelle Inguagiato. Unfortunately, Noelle’s 9-year marriage to Jesse had to end owing to Jesse’s infidelity, and the two divorced in 2019.

Watters admits to having an affair with Emma, a Fox News producer at the time. As a result, he divorced his first wife and began a new life with his new love interest.

Jesse and Emma began dating nine months following their divorce from Noelle, and they married soon after.

The couple married in a lavish ceremony attended by a celebrity-studded guest list. The guests included the country’s most powerful people, including President Donald Trump.

However, things did not get any worse for the Watter family and their son and daughters as they looked for a new house.

They say,

 “All’s well that ends well.”

On the plus side, it appears like Jesse’s daughters adore their stepmother, and the entire family appears to be a cheerful, smiling bunch. His twin daughters were also there at the lavish wedding.

Furthermore, the family is tight. They have their hands bound, especially with the addition of a baby boy to the group. Jesse, on the other hand, enjoys taking time out of their busy schedules to share little snippets of their lives with their children.

Jesse frequently posts photos of his family on Instagram. On that topic, he once experienced a romantic moment with his girlfriends at a casual supper.

As shown in the photo, the pair appeared to be having a good time together, with the girls happily seated on their parent’s laps. While talking to his daughter, Jesse appeared to be ready to pay the bill, while his beautiful wife gave him a smoldering glance from the side. (Perhaps he was cracking a classic dad joke?)

Anyway, the Watters frequently enjoy their time together by going out to eat, skating, celebrating the holidays, and all of the other fun and cheery moments that come with being a happy family.

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