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Everything You Need To Know About Nina Li Chi

Nina Li Chi

 Former Hong Kong actress Nina Li Chi is most known for being the spouse of Jet Li. Li, a martial arts legend, became well-known around the world after giving up his heroic reputation to play a villain in Hollywood to land a role. Before making his American film debut, Jet was a wushu champion and a well-known actor in China.

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Her exact net worth isn’t known. Li acknowledged in an interview that he left his wife Nina his $2 billion fortune. In December 2022, Jet Li will have a $250 million net worth.

To marry Jet Li, she had to wait ten years.

On the Dragon Fight set in 1989, Nina and Li first connected. A Hong Kong action movie was shot in San Francisco. I experienced love at first sight, but because he was still married, it was difficult for him. I counseled her to be married if their feelings remained the same after ten years. She gave her consent and awaited him for ten years. As a result, they said “I do” on September 19, 1999.

She wed her ex-husband because she believed it was unlucky to do so.

Huang Qiuyan, her ex-husband, was friends with a former Chinese actress at Beijing Shichahai Sports School.

Both were learning wushu at the time. It was a secret registered marriage in 1987, with neither parent present. The informant claims that Jet married her because his godmother assured him that doing so would bring him luck and make things better.

After being married, he met Nina.

Nina Li Chi learned the true meaning of true love from Nina. He divorced his first wife in 1990 because he was so in love with her. After ten years, he kept his word and wed Nina, the love of his life. He expressed regret to his ex-wife for initiating the divorce.

Nina quit her job to take care of her family immediately away.

After marrying Li, Nina, a former actress, put her career on hiatus. She did it to give her marriage and family her all. I gave her his sincere appreciation for putting her family before her career. He decided to give her a section of his land to manage in exchange for years of care for him and his family because he has such a pure and strong bond with her.

Real-life and fictional hero Jet Li saved one of his kids from the tsunami.

In 2004, he and his daughter managed to flee the tsunami. When Li and his daughter are trapped in a deadly wave, they were on vacation in the Maldives.

His daughter’s and his lives were both saved by his quick action. However, thanks to God’s mercy, he and his daughter managed to avoid the fatal wave that claimed hundreds of lives as word of his death spread.

Two of her four daughters are stepdaughters.

Father to four children, Li. Taimi Li and Si Li are the products of his first marriage. Nina is the stepmother of Taimi and Si. Her two children, Jane Li, and Jada Li arrived in the world in 2000 and 2002, respectively.

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