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Everything You Need To Know About Nicole Chamberlain

Nicole Chamberlain

Who is Nicole Chamberlain?

Nicole Chamberlain, The Ex-Wife Of Jay Mohr. The name Jon Ferguson Mohr was given to the actor, comedian, and radio host Jay Mohr. He has appeared in a lot of movies and television shows, which has helped him become quite well-known and wealthy.

He not only performs but also hosts his podcast, Mohr Stories, and the radio talk show Jay Mohr Sports. Jay has been working continually since 1990 and has accomplished a lot.

The comedian’s marriage, however, hasn’t always been blessed with good fortune. Before falling in love with Jeanie Buss, he was married twice. His second wife, Nikki Cox, and their bitter divorce are well-known. 


Although Nicole and Jay’s union was brief, they shared a sincere bond. According to Who’s Dated Who, the couple dated each other for 10 months before being married on November 1, 1998. However, IMDb indicates that the couple got hitched on November 7, 1998.

The following years were pleasant and joyful. The husband and wife supported one another while they resolved their issues to maintain their marriage. After being married, the couple eventually created a happy family of three.

2002 saw the birth of Jackson Jones Mohr, who was delivered by Jay Mohr’s then-wife. The three family members usually got together. The previous couple must have raised their baby son with a lot of love and care.

Everything was going well for Nicole and Jay. But issues with their marriage started to arise. As a result, the couple decided to file for divorce in January 2005. The former couple had to have taken great care to prepare for alimony and child support. They must also share physical custody of the child.

Nicole Chamberlain has a few acting credits

Nicole used to be a model but just transitioned to acting. In 1991, she made her acting debut. One of her most well-known characters is Tonya Van Pelt, who appeared as Chamberlain in the television series Married… with Children. Besides Paulie, The Puzzle, Plan B, Night Court, and Night Court, she has also been seen in those films.

The one-woman show Next! was also created by Jay Mohr’s ex-wife. Nicole doesn’t appear to have taken on any new positions since 1998, though. Is it possible that she has now changed her career?

Nicole Chamberlain’s ex-husband has moved on

No matter how difficult the obstacles we have overcome have been, life goes on. Similarly, Nicole Chamberlain’s ex-husband and Nikki Cox wed in December 2006 following their divorce. Then, on May 5, 2011, Meredith Daniel Cox Mohr, his second child, was born.

Due to their “irreconcilable differences,” Jay’s second marriage was sadly also unsalvageable, and in July 2016, he requested a divorce from Nikki. The ex-prenuptial couple’s contract included alimony payment details. He made three attempts to divorce, and in August 2018 it was eventually accomplished. Who would have custody of the ex-son couple’s and other details of their divorce remained a secret?

After that, in September 2021, Nicole’s ex-husband and Jeanie Buss are legally married. The existence of a new partner for Jay Mohr’s ex-wife remains unknown, though. She has long shied away from the limelight. She also doesn’t use social media.

Overall, Nicole must be doing well. She most likely had her own family and may have continued living. Hopefully, she will tell us more about herself in the days to come. We hope to hear from her. We wish Jay Mohr’s ex-wife the very best.

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