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Everything You Need To Know About Addison Rae

Addison Rae

American TikTok founder Addison Rae has won our hearts with her dance moves. The blonde beauty, who has 37 million followers on TikTok, is a master at what she does.

Rae is not just about lip-sync videos and dancing. She also has a killer personality, which is another factor in the enormous global fan base she has. The family of Addison, her present endeavors, and an embarrassing first kiss will all be covered in this piece.

Where was Addison Rae born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

On October 6, 2000, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Addison was born. She went to school at the Calvary Baptist Academy in her native Louisiana. Rae had two younger siblings growing up with her. Rae thinks she became famous overnight, like the majority of TikTok celebrities. She hadn’t anticipated it at all. In a Holly Wire interview, she stated:

“Well, I downloaded the app in July, collaborated on a post with a friend, and suddenly it got… 93,000 likes, wow, I thought. I enjoy this! I persisted, in making films with my mother, and eventually, it was the major thing that went viral.

Dedicated Addison viewers are aware that her parents frequently appear in her videos. Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez, Addison’s dad, both have TikTok accounts. While Monty has 393.1K followers, Sheri has 1.9 million. A true social media family is made up of Addison and her parents.

The Hype House LA’s co-founders

Although Addison is from Louisiana and is proud of her Southern roots, she now prefers to hang out in Los Angeles with other content creators. The Hype House is the residence of social media celebrities. Being housed together enables them to support one another in their various undertakings. Addison disclosed to Holly Wire;

The Hype House is a community of 14 producers where everything revolves around content and uplifting one another. Even the house’s following doesn’t seem to matter much. It’s more like we’re just working together to create stuff and doing what we enjoy.

Given that Addison and her parents have signed up with the WME agency, the future appears promising for her. Every project Addison decides to work on will be handled by WME. Modeling, fashion, dance, TV, movies, books, endorsements, and many more are among them.

Currently, Addison is attempting to branch out into acting. She believes that acting is a fantastic way to promote herself. In an interview with Holly Wire, she disclosed;

I’m currently engaged in several significant initiatives. I’m now casting a bunch of different kinds of things. expanding one’s acting career. Getting my name out there in like every field is sort of the goal right now, working in a lot of various parts of the industry, I guess. Just make the most of my abilities and promote myself.

The agreement with WME may potentially be quite advantageous for Addison’s parents. They will be given additional possibilities, and their careers ought to advance.

Before her parents, she shared her first kiss

When Addison had her first kiss, she said that her parents were probably present. Addison is confident that her parents saw the kiss because it took place in front of her grandma’s home. She spoke with Holly Wire;

My parents were being quite awkward in front of my grandmother’s house. They must have been looking out the window, I think. Just extremely strange, but he asked me because it was my first kiss. He requested my permission to kiss me.

When it comes to her relationships, Addison is a bit elusive, but YouTuber Bryce Hall has received a lot of attention. Although Bryce just clarified in a video that he and Addison are not dating, the rumors just won’t stop.

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