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Everything We Know About Virgil Abloh Parents

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh lost his battle with cardiac angiosarcoma in late November 2021 after a personal 2-year fight. Following his encounter with rapper Kanye West, Virgil began his ascent to the top of the fashion world. Abloh made the most of the chance that Kanye offered him to demonstrate his abilities.

Abloh quickly ascended the fashion food chain and eventually emerged as the most significant black executive at LVMH. He also established the high-end clothing line Off White and expanded it internationally.

Where was Virgil Abloh born? Family

Nee and Eunice Abloh welcomed Virgil into the world on September 30, 1980, in Rockford, Illinois. He was born before his parents left Ghana.

He told The Guardian that,

“At some time they wanted to get to the west, where their dreams were.”

Abloh described his upbringing as “suburban” and “wonderful” to the media source. Abloh admits that his parents’ relocation to the US helped him succeed in the fashion industry. He spoke to Fader:

“When you’re young, you have all these goals that you might not even achieve. Since my parents are from Ghana, in West Africa, I could have been a young child kicking a can right now in a developing nation. Instead, I am motivated to take action by a vision I have.

Abloh’s parents Insisted that he study Engineering before pursuing Art

Growing up, Virgil Abloh played soccer, skateboarded, and DJ’ed. He was never interested in fashion as a kid. He explained to The Guardian,

“I mean I was a youngster who didn’t have first-world knowledge of art and design. “I was the youngster doing mall shopping.”

Virgil’s parents insisted that he pursue engineering and architecture after graduating from high school. Due to his lack of clarity, Abloh didn’t put up much of a fight. During one session on the DJ turntables, he realized his love for the arts.

“So I enrolled in an art history introduction course. The lightbulb turned on at that point.

He said,

My folks weren’t well-versed in the art. But his mother, a well-known seamstress, gave him a crash course in the fashion world. From there, Virgil ascended to heights that had never before been possible.

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