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Everything We Know About Lil Tracy Parents

Lil Tracy

Lil Tracy is an American rapper and vocalist best known for his collaborations with the late Lil Peep (real name Jazz Ishmael Butler). Tracy used to perform music as Yung Bruh, but he changed his stage name after learning that another rapper went by the same moniker. Tracy and Peep met while they were both members of the Gothboiclique group.

The two quickly grew close and frequently worked together to great results. The most well-known song by Peep and Tracy, Awful Things, reached number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100. Tracy was deeply affected by Lil Peep’s overdose death and came dangerously close to dying himself after overdosing while trying to cope with his friend’s passing.

Tracy had a heart attack, which motivated him to give up drugs. In September 2019, he issued his debut album, Anarchy. Lil Tracy’s parents will be discussed in this article.

Where was Lil Tracy born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Tracy was born on October 3rd, 1995, to Ishmael Butler and Cheryl Clemons in Teaneck, New Jersey. Ishmael moved to Seattle, Washington, after his parents divorced, while Cheryl remarried and settled in Virginia Beach. Tracy’s family moved back and forth between Seattle and Virginia Beach during his childhood, depending on which parent he got along with the best.

Tracy told Fader that Tracy’s mother would send her to Seattle if she got into problems, and if she got into trouble there, she would be sent back to Virginia. He spent the majority of his boyhood in Virginia Beach, which he described as being “boring as fuck,” despite the regular back-and-forth moving.

Tracy acknowledges having been a disobedient child who frequently fought with authority. After carrying a knife to class in the first week of his freshman year of high school, he was dismissed. Tracy later transferred to an alternate school where the teachers didn’t care about the students’ well-being, didn’t give schoolwork, and permitted drug sales in the cafeteria.

Tracy’s mother and he had a strained relationship when Tracy was 16 years old. Tracy ran away from home to live in a tent with his pals after one reprimanding fight. Despite being liberated from authority, Tracy was left penniless. He discussed his grave financial condition with Fader:

People would toss change into a fountain in the city of Virginia Beach. To get money to go to McDonald’s, I would go into the fountain.

Tracy’s well-known musical parents preferred

Tracy’s well-known musical parents preferred that she concentrate on academics rather than music.

Tracy said to Fader, “I didn’t know they were renowned till I was older. Considering how well-known Ishmael Butler and Cheryl Clemons were in the 1990s, it is difficult to believe their assertion. Ishmael was a part of the Grammy-winning hip-hop group Digable Planets, while Cheryl, often known as Coko, was a member of the R&B group SWV in the 1990s.

The early years of Tracy’s life were spent traveling the globe with his mother. He served as the model for Sunshine, one of Coko’s best-known songs. Although Ishmael and Cheryl were successful in the music business, they didn’t have the same aspirations for their kid.

They preferred Tracy to concentrate on his academics. Tracy largely kept his music away from his parents, therefore Ishmael and Cheryl cannot be solely held responsible for failing to foster his passion for music.

Lil Tracy didn’t want people to know about his musical preferences for some reason

He didn’t want people to know about his musical preferences for some reason. However, Ishmael acknowledged that he was aware of Tracy’s skill in a meeting with Interview Magazine:

“But even when you were younger, I knew you had a lot of skill and potential, and you would spend a lot of time on things like playing guitar and playing around on GarageBand that most kids would have just dabbled with for a little while and let go,” the teacher said.

Without the help of his parents, Tracy managed to succeed in the business, but he acknowledges that they had a big impact on his ability to find his musical niche. Ishmael still performs music as a member of Shabazz Palaces, a hip-hop duo. Tracy and his father are both sources of inspiration, and their music is comparable in many respects. Lil Tracy said to NPR:

“That is a side of the story I have never heard. I used to get into problems all the time, aware of what Ishmael implies. I was a huge rebel, and it comes through in my songs. If I had been this age back then, I believe we would be comparable. I’m him of this generation, and I’m not sure how to describe it.

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