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Everything About Trey Kennedy And His Wife Katie Byrum

Trey Kennedy

Trey Kennedy is well-known for his amusing social media videos. On TikTok, Kennedy has 2 million followers; on Facebook, she has over 2.8 million; and on Instagram, she has 2.3 million. On the now-defunct app Vine, Trey began his online career in 2013 alongside his college mates.

He relocated his stuff to Instagram and Facebook once the app was shut down. He quickly rose to fame on Facebook, and over time, he gained more fans on other websites. Kennedy’s decision to leave Vine helped his career because it allowed him to expand his material across several social media platforms.

Is Trey Kennedy Single? Relationship

Trey Kennedy
Trey Kennedy With His Wife    [Source: – Celebrities’ Wife Magazine]
He declared his engagement to Katie Byrum at the beginning of September 2019. Unaware fans who didn’t know Trey was dating or even thinking about marriage flooded the comments section on his Instagram post.

Many people were shocked by the news because Trey hadn’t previously made his connection known. However, Trey’s devoted followers wished the couple happiness.

Katie and Trey got married on May 23, 2020. Because Katie wore the veil her mother and grandmother wore on their wedding days, the day was extremely memorable for her.

Since he declared his engagement, Trey has maintained his emphasis on maintaining the secrecy of their relationship. On his Instagram feed, he didn’t even share any videos or images from the event. Trey wants people to pay more attention to his comedy than to his personal life.

Trey Kennedy is adamant that he will not forego his Christian principles to further his career

During his time in college, Trey began a career in social media. He didn’t first consider it something he could do for a job; rather, he considered it as something entertaining to do with friends. After one of his videos became viral and he gained 500,000 followers in a single month, Trey changed his mind.

Kennedy acknowledges that it can be challenging to resist the pull of fame and the temptation to use your fans. He has been able to appreciate his followers and his role in their life thanks to his religion, though. He started Media Kix:

“All in all, I believe I do a pretty decent job of sort of re-centering when I find myself getting too caught up in the statistics and remembering these are actual people on the other side of the cell phone,” the author said. However, it’s something I’m also always working on.

The kind of content that Kennedy posts are also determined by his Christian principles. As a comedian, it’s simple to explore material that doesn’t align with his views, especially when working with other artists who aren’t constrained by religious restrictions. Kennedy doesn’t, however, stray from his principles when producing content.

Trey expressed astonishment at the number of fans who enjoyed his clean videos to New Release Today. I’ve established a reputation among my followers who are aware of my Christian faith, Trey added. “I aim to create upbeat, entertaining content. I was surprised to see that most people respect the fact that I don’t include anything offensive in my films.

Trey Kennedy found that he could sing

As a result of his success on Vine, Trey found that he could sing. In Edmond, Oklahoma, Trey Kennedy and his sister Kaci Lynn were raised. He acknowledges that as a bashful child, he enjoyed singing in the shower. Trey didn’t consider himself to have a career in music because he didn’t come from a musical household.

After being coerced into participating in a nearby charity event by his college pals, he began to take music seriously. Trey’s music was well received by the audience, but he held off on making music a career until after he rose to fame on Vine. According to him, New Release Today

Vine forced me to leave my comfort zone. In college, I first performed in front of others. I believed that God had given me the skill, and I wouldn’t want to keep it a secret out of shyness or fear. Later, I decided that it would be enjoyable to create some music, which I did. Last year, I released an EP, and it received favorable reviews.

Kennedy is currently putting the finishing touches on his second EP, which he described as unique because it was funded by his fans through Kickstarter. Trey places a unique value on music. He stated to New Release Today that even if a career in music doesn’t pan out, he will continue to sing. Kennedy remarked:

I’ve been singing more recently, and whether or not this new project is successful, I just want to sing and create music. It will be enjoyable for some, I think. For the remainder of my life, I want to sing.

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