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Everything About Nas Daily And His Girlfriend Alyne

Nas Daily

Nas Daily rose to stardom after making daily 1-minute Facebook videos for a thousand days. He traveled the globe while making and posting movies about a variety of subjects, such as the environment, people and their cultures, and incredible tourist destinations.

Nas (actual name Nusier Yassin) presently oversees Nas Daily Corporation, a company that produces videos. Weekly videos are made by this company, which also makes videos.

What is the Net Worth of Nas Daily? Salary, Earnings

According to Nas, it appeared as though he was selling his life to make money. “The value of my life exceeded $120,000 annually.” Nas decided to travel and share his experiences online. He set aside half of his salary and flew to Kenya to begin his round-the-world trip.

Early on, Nas’ videos were not well-liked, and he earned money by taking on freelance work. Nas’ videos gained popularity over time, and he gradually built a following. As his audience expanded, he improved his video-making skills and began experimenting with a variety of subjects.

Detailing the hostilities between Palestinians and Israelis from his perspective was one of his most difficult duties. Although it was a delicate video, it ended up being one of his best and most popular.

Nas wants to use social media to bring people together. He told Global News, “All I’m doing is just filming the films, and they’re becoming friends with each other.” It’s incredible how badly people want to meet one another. Simply put, you need to contribute to making it happen.

Where was Nas Daily born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Nas was born on February 9, 1992, in Arraba, Israel. Being intelligent since he was young, he applied for a Harvard scholarship when he was 19 years old. He thinks that the grant was awarded to him because of his article on the difficulties of becoming an aerospace engineer in Israel. According to Nas, The Times of Israel:

“I love space, so I decided to be an aerospace engineer. But I skipped the army. And to study aeronautical engineering in Israel, you need to have some form of piloting experience. Here, it was impossible for me.

After completing his studies in computer science and economics, Nas entered the tech sector. He obtained a lucrative position with Venmo, a PayPal subsidiary. Nas had a fantastic life in New York since he was making a comfortable $120,000 a year. But one day it dawned on him that he had spent a third of his life in an office and would be spending the remainder of it there.

Nas Daily didn’t sign up for YouTube until 2019 because making money wasn’t his main objective

Nas’ initial intention was not to gain money while touring, but rather to enjoy himself while doing so. More important to him than the money he could make from it were his work and its content. But when his Facebook followers increased, he decided to monetize the project.

Nas faced pressure to join YouTube, where he could earn more money, but he resisted and waited to join YouTube until he had accomplished his trip objectives. Nas said to CNBC:

“Caring about your work is the key to producing quality material. I’ve witnessed a lot of people act in ways that they don’t care to gain money. When I’m 90, I want to watch the video and be proud of it, not think, “This is garbage, but I got paid for it.”

Is Nas Daily Single? Relationship

Nas Daily
Nas Daily With His GF   [Source: Mashable SEA]
Nas and his girlfriend Alyne in persuading their relatives to approve of their relationship. Nearly a year was invested by Nas and his girlfriend Alyne in persuading their relatives to approve of their relationship.

On day 445 of Nas’ circumnavigation of the globe, he and Alyne made their relationship public. The couple then went into detail about the challenges they faced when trying to date. Nas, a Palestinian, hailed from a Muslim household while Alyne, an Israeli native, was born into a Jewish and Mormon family.

Additionally, the couple said that whereas in typical partnerships the man is often older, Alyne was older in their relationship. Furthermore, Nas was “married” to his job while Alyne was still getting over a failed marriage. In the following video, the pair gave reasons for their compatibility.

The pair explained on day 467:

“One. It is useful. We are both financially independent, do not have employment, and like traveling. Even if our languages are similar, there are instances when words are unnecessary.

The pair discussed the reasons their relationship almost didn’t work out on day 851. They discussed their arguments, breakups, and their families’ opposition to the union. Nas and Alyne outlined the actions they took to ensure the success of their relationship as the video went on. It was said:

“We taught our families to accept us in a year. Our disputes are resolved, and we have learned to let go of the past. It’s easy; we solved our issues by changing ourselves first and going within.

Now that Nas and Alyne are residing in Singapore, their bond is stronger than ever.

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