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Everything about Mick Thomson and His Wife’s Married Life

Mick Thomson

In 1996, Slipknot welcomed guitarist Mick Thomson, who is well-known for being a member of the group. Since then, he has been blessed with a never-ending career and his devoted wife.

The heavy metal artist is dressed in a black leather gimp mask, which (honestly) gives him quite a threatening appearance. However, digging deeper into his personal life reveals a side of him that many people are unaware of.

Mick Thomson- Relationship, Married Life

The guitarist for Slipknot may have a harsh exterior when it comes to appearance, but when it comes to love, he has a sensitive heart. Mick does not frequently post about his personal life, but we have nevertheless managed to find the ideal approach to knowing everything.

Well, via Stacy Riley, his wife. Riley never lacks ways to show her affection for her boyfriend on social media. Thomson wed Stacy Riley in 2012, and the couple recently marked their ninth wedding anniversary on October 5th, 2021.

Riley used her Instagram account to publish a stunning Simpsons drawing of the two with their two kitties and commented, “Noticing and celebrating the lovely day.”

“I’ve been married for nine years, and every day I wake up happy.
I frequently let Mick know how fortunate I am.”

Thomson later added the line that he was her “ideal match” to the caption. Even when Mick Thomson stands next to her while wearing a mask, the two just look gorgeous together.

Only sometimes does Stacy mention how fortunate she is to know Thomson, and Thomson certainly is a fortunate man. Since they first connected in the 2000s, the two have been in love for many years.

Stacy also posted the first photo the two ever took together, but she omitted the date; nevertheless, in a subsequent post, she shared a photo from 2007 or 2008 and labeled it,

“Oh, there are so many happy memories and wonderful years.
We spent so much time together building so much.”

It follows that there is no doubt that the two were romantically involved before beginning a new chapter in their lives. A fresh chapter that began in 2011 when they initially became engaged.

On March 3, 2011, the two became engaged. A year later, they were wed. Though everyone is familiar with Mick, very few people are aware of his wife’s existence.

What’s Her Name?

Without a doubt, Stacy Riley is a lovely lady. Her beautiful grin, together with her blonde hair (she was previously brunette), dark eyes, and deep black hair, are quite amazing.

However, these characteristics are not unique to Riley. Given that they are twin sisters, Megan and Stacy look extremely similar. Stacy and her sister appear to be very close, based on her social media, since her sister makes sporadic to frequent appearances on her Instagram.

However, these two sisters—who refer to themselves as The Metal twins—look fantastic together (after all, a compliment for one is for the other, right?)

Riley has a strong commitment to health and exercise, and she is never shy about sharing all the specifics of her fitness aspirations on her dedicated fitness account.

She updates the profile with details about her diet and fitness quest. She also has a YouTube channel where she started posting in late 2018 and has since taken a break from doing so.

Most of her most recent YouTube content consists of reposts of her TikTok content. Despite not having any children together, it appears that the two are very content and happy because they have their own small family and universe, which includes each other and their cats.

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