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Eva Chambers | Siblings, Career And Boyfriend

Eva Chambers

The youngest child of American actors Justin and Keisha Chambers is named Eva Chambers. The well-known character Dr. Alex Karev on the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy is played by Justin, Eva’s father. In addition, Justin is well-known for his roles in motion pictures including The Zodiac, The Musketeer, and The Wedding Planner.

This concludes our overview of Eva’s personal and professional life.

Eva Chambers’s Early Life, Parents, and Grandparents

On March 31, 1999, Keisha and Justin Chambers welcomed Eva into the world. She is the youngest of her parents’ four daughters. Born and raised in New York City, Eva and her siblings are native New Yorkers.

The paternal grandparents of Eva were John William Eugene Chambers II and Pamela Sue. Her grandparents were both deputy sheriffs in Springfield, Ohio, where they were born and raised. Regretfully, no information is available at this time on Eva’s maternal grandparents.

She has twin sisters among her four siblings.

Eva Chambers was her parents’ fourth child when she was born. Justin and Keisha, her parents, welcomed three girls, including twins, before her. December 16, 1994 was the birthdate of Isabella Chambers, Eva’s elder sister.

Kaila and Maya Chambers, her twin sisters, were also born on June 4, 1997. In addition, Jackson Chambers, Eva’s younger brother, is one of her siblings. Jackson was born on January 2, 2002, and as of 2021, he is 19 years old.

Eva’s dad was an inspiration.

Justin Chambers was a well-known model before he became successful as an actor. A modeling scout initially saw him on the Metro, and he subsequently began doing commercial work for Calvin Klein.

Justin worked as a model in Japan, the US, and Europe in his early years. Chambers has worked for Armani and Dolce & Gabbana in addition to Calvin Klein. In the early 1990s, he relocated to New York to pursue his acting career after quitting modeling. Chambers studied at the HB Studio in New York City.

Eva Chambers’ parents are still together after meeting in the 1990s.

Before meeting her future husband Justin Chambers, Eva’s mother Keisha Chambers worked as a booker for a modeling firm. Early in the 1990s, Justin was modeling for Calvin Klein when the two first got together. They quickly became friends and began dating.

When the present husband and wife first began dating, they were in their early 20s. They courted for a brief while before getting married in 1993. However, they haven’t disclosed the precise day of their nuptials.

Nearly thirty years have passed since Keisha and Justin first crossed paths, and throughout this time, their relationship has had many highs and lows. However, they’ve always managed to get beyond the obstacle together.

In the meanwhile, Justin expressed his gratitude to Good House Keeping in November 2007 for his wife’s unwavering support under all circumstances. In addition, he expressed his gratitude for having experienced the highs and lows with Keisha.

Eva’s Musical Career and Her Relationship With Pinky Pinky

Eva Chambers has been connected to the musical group Pinky Pinky, as was previously reported. In response to a question about how she got into music, she told ID Vice UK that shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, she and her sisters started a band.

Furthermore, she first stated that she would play the piano, but she eventually learned how to play every other instrument. Eva really started playing the bass at the age of 13.

Eva formed the band Pinky Pinky with her two pals Isabella Fields and Anastasia Sanchez when she turned eighteen. Chambers and Fields have been friends since middle school, but Eva and Sanchez first connected in high school.

Eva previously disclosed that the band’s name originated from a South African folktale about a monster that attacks young girls when they’re using the restroom. She continued by saying that they were first unaware of how widely dreaded it was in South Africa.

Thus far, the all-girl band has put out an album and an EP. The tracks My Friend Sean, Lady Dancer, and All The Birds were included on their 2019 first EP, “Pinky Pinky.”

Subsequently, Turkey Dinner, Pinky Pinky’s debut album, which had 11 songs total—including the four from their EP—was released on June 14, 2019.

Eva Adores Canines With Her Family

Eva has always indicated that she is drawn to dogs, as has her family of seven. The family has frequently taken in dogs of various breeds through adoption. The family openly adopted stray dogs in 2007. The Grey’s Anatomy star at the time also urged people to adopt stray canines.

In the meanwhile, the family 2016 adopted three additional canines. After that, Eva, Kaila, her elder sister, and Maya frequently shared pictures of their pets on social media.

Eva Chambers: Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is Her Partner?

Eva, in contrast to her elder twin sisters Kaila and Maya, has fully avoided the spotlight in her personal life. She has, of course, disclosed to her followers and the public the professional side of her life; but, she has never publicly discussed her romantic relationship or partner.

As of right now, all we know about Eva Chambers, 22, is that she is fine being unmarried and concentrating on her music career.

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