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Erin Moriarty Is Rumored To Be Dating Anthony Starr

Erin Moriarty

People are innately curious about the love lives of the celebrities they adore, especially if they are huge fans. It’s The Boys’ Erin Moriarty in this case. Moriarty achieved fame in the 2019 series Starlight.

Her character marries Hughie in the end (Jack Quaid). They were deemed the “most exciting new TV partnerships to watch” by EW in February 2022.

Numerous fans and members of the media believed Moriarty was dating her on-screen partner due to their brilliant chemistry. The actress refuted the allegations in an Instagram post, referring to Quaid as her “bestie” and “brother.”

It’s this freaking good. I’d prefer not to watch @theboystv with anyone. You stayed my scene partner for two seasons and my best friend for two years. at jack quaid

Since he has been dating Lizzie McGroder since 2016, Quaid is also excluded from the list.

Fans believed she was dating Anthony Starr, the antagonist from Homelander. But don’t fall for it. There is no chemistry on-screen. Starlight is sexually assaulted by Homelander, who she defends herself from by blinding them. Since they have so many pictures of each other on Instagram, fans presume they are involved in something. Their Instagram posts demonstrate how much time they spend together when not at work.

Before this could be confirmed, the magazine shared several emails from a user and asked for help deciphering them. When it was deciphered, information about Starr and Moriarty was included in the message. Since neither actor has acknowledged the information, we are unsure of its veracity.

Moriarty Robert Artist

Before Starr and Quaid, the actress was related to Jacob Artist. The magazine claims that she and her significant other began dating in 2013. On social media, Moriarty once posted photos of Artist and Moriarty together. Creeto said that their romance ended in 2014.

Their friendship had not dissolved because they were still hanging out at Soho House in May 2017. Moriarty rarely talks about her relationships and has a reputation for being fairly quiet. Furthermore, none of these claims have ever been confirmed by the actress.

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