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Emily Ratajkowski | Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

Emily Ratajkowski

It’s hard to imagine how swiftly Emily Ratajkowski, a London native, married Sebastian Bear-McClard. Emily is recognized in the media for her outspoken nature; yet, her wedding in 2018 caught the media and her admirers off guard.

Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian married in just a few weeks.

Emily Ratajkowski married her husband Sebastian in February 2018, just after Valentine’s Day. The 29-year-old actress revealed her marriage to Sebastian in an Instagram story on the same day they exchanged vows in New York’s City Hall. Take a look at this:

On her wedding day, Emily wore an orange trench coat, slacks, and a black hat. Sebastian, on the other hand, was dressed casually in a colorful suit and sunglasses.

The pair were initially photographed cuddling on Valentine’s Day eve. Within a few weeks, they were married. They had been friends for two years.

Meanwhile, a source close to the couple told Us Weekly a few weeks after their wedding, “They were all in a buddy group… He wasn’t a stranger to me.”

A few weeks after their wedding, the couple headed out to Amangiri, a secluded luxury resort in Canyon Point, Utah, for their honeymoon.

Emily is one of the most popular Instagram Bikini Models.

Emily raved about her wedding and engagement on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon in April 2018. She said Sebastian proposed to her at Minetta Tavern without a ring, so she responded “nah” at first. The couple then got engaged after Sebastian built her a ring out of a paperclip.

Emrata also said that she and her fiance made their engagement ring the night before their wedding. She informed Fallon that they had gone to Chinatown and purchased an ounce of gold. Sebastian then traveled to Midtown and met a guy who would later assist them in making the rings.

Emily stated that she had considered replacing her engagement ring after their wedding. However, she stated that she was hooked on it and had decided to wear it permanently.

Before her marriage, she had a relationship.

Emily Ratajkowski was in a long-term romance with Jeff Magid before she met her husband Sebastian. Magid is a music composer and producer from the United States. Emily ended her relationship with Magid barely three months before her wedding.

They began dating in December 2014. A close insider to the pair informed US Weekly at the time that they were seeing each other.

They fueled relationship rumors once more in early December after spending the evening together at the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Finale party in Miami.

Ratajkowski and Magid split up in late 2017 after nearly three years of dating.

Meanwhile, Emily had a three-year relationship with businessman Andrew Dryden before meeting Magid. Because the couple didn’t communicate much about themselves when they were dating, their love story is a bit unclear.

Emily Ratakowski and ex-boyfriend Andrew Dryden

Emily Ratajkowski and her ex-boyfriend Andrew Dryden Photographer: Getty

After Emily attended the Super Bowl parties alone in February 2014, rumors about their split began to circulate.

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