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Eleanor Williams | Parents: Mother Allison Johnston And Father

Eleanor Williams

People are curious about Allison Johnston, Eleanor Williams’s mother, and her father. Eleanor received an 8.5-year prison term for fabricating allegations of rape and drug trafficking.

A 22-year-old from Barrow posted photos and made up abuse stories on Facebook.

A woman was sentenced to eight and a half years in jail after being found guilty of faking her account of being raped and trafficked by an Asian grooming ring and accusing many other men of rape.

After it was discovered that the lady had made up stories about being trafficked and forced to rape by an Asian grooming gang and had falsely accused numerous other men of rape, she was given an eight and a half year prison sentence.

The mother of a “fantasist” woman, whose baseless claims that she was subjected to sexual assault by a “Asian grooming gang” sparked a wave of Islamophobia, has stated that she supports her daughter.

Eleanor Williams, 22, who made many rape accusations and an erroneous claim that Asian men from Barrow-in-Furness trafficked her, was found guilty on nine counts of tampering with evidence.

Her claims caused a stir in the area, when a sizable percentage of the people believed what she said and destroyed Asian shops there.

Far-right organizations stoked the flames at the same time. Let’s learn more about Eleanor Williams’ parents and other information without further ado.

Parents of Eleanor Williams

Eleanor Williams’ mother is Allison Johnston, and it is still unclear what her father’s name is.

The mother of Eleanor Williams declared unequivocally, “I believe my daughter.”

Eleanor Williams was found guilty on nine counts of tampering with evidence after making up a “pack of lies” about being the victim of rape and human trafficking.

Allison Johnston, her mother, claims that she agrees with the majority of her daughter’s claims.

Williams was the subject of a National Referral Mechanism (NRM) order, according to the Barrow Island Labour councilor, which claimed that she had been trafficked since she was 12 years old for sex.

The NRM was established in 2009 to find and protect victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Since the age of 12, Ellie has been a victim of exploitation and trafficking, according to Mrs. Johnston, who spoke to MailOnline. Since I would have noticed a problem with her at such an early age if I were her mother, I don’t believe it to be genuine.

As her mother, I have faith in her because it seems to us, her family, that she was telling the truth and that, in the way she claimed to be a victim, she truly was a victim.

She made a number of specific assertions that I consider to be untrue, some of which appeared to be made up.

However, Mrs. Johnston believes that, for the most part, the woman who claimed to have been abused and trafficked was speaking the truth.

Girl Imprisoned in Case of False Rape

After being found guilty of fabricating her story of being trafficked, raped, and accused of rape by an Asian grooming ring, the lady was given an eight and a half year prison sentence.

In January, nine allegations of perverting the course of justice against Eleanor Williams, 22, of Barrow-in-Furness, were found to be true.

When he sentenced her on Tuesday at Preston Crown Court, the judge, Mr. Justice Altham, called her accusations “pure fabrication” and chastised her for exhibiting “no substantial symptoms of regret.”

Her claims went viral during the lockdown in May 2020 after she shared images of herself on Facebook showing herself covered in spectacular bruises, wearing a black eye, and holding a finger that had been partially severed.

She alleged that “evil yet cunning” Asian men, particularly Pakistani merchants, had forced her to attend “sex parties” and had physically assaulted her.

The allegations spread rapidly far beyond Cumbria and sparked a global campaign of support with more than 100,000 Facebook followers called Justice for Ellie.

It sparked protests across the UK amid allegations of a police cover-up and features a purple elephant in its product line.

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