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Ed Markey Criticized Elon Musk After A Reporter Created

Ed Markey

Elon Musk received criticism from US Senator Ed Markey after a reporter created a verified account in his name despite the new CEO’s strict anti-impersonation policies.

On November 12, 2022, the 76-year-old Massachusetts senator took to Twitter to post a lengthy letter to Musk. He explained how a Washington Post journalist created a phony verified account imitating the Senator in the letter. Additionally, he wanted to know “how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.”

Ed Markey, a senator who was born on July 11th, 1946, has been a Democrat since the early 1970s. The Malden, Massachusetts native was raised in a Roman Catholic household and graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in 1968. He graduated from Boston Law College in 1972 with a law degree.

Ed Markey was chosen to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives a year later, in 1973. There, he rose steadily through the ranks and made a name for himself in the state’s Democratic Party.

In a special election for a place in the US House of Representatives in 1976, he defeated his Republican rival. After that, he received 19 further reappointments. While serving in the House, Ed wrote a book titled Nuclear Peril: The Politics of Proliferation.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 were also written by him. In June 2013, Markey was appointed as the new Secretary of State for the United States following John Kerry’s departure. Ed was re-elected in 2014.

The Senator wed Susan Blumenthal in 1988. Markey reprimanded Musk for “picking fights online” after Musk made fun of his social media profile and display photo. As of the time of this writing, 167,700 people have liked and retweeted Ed Markey’s comment.

What steps did the reporter for the Washington Post take?

According to Markey’s lengthy letter, a Washington Post reporter created the fake “@readEdMarkey” Twitter account. The reporter created the profile, according to the former, using “a spare iPhone, a credit card, and some imagination.” Markey already had two accounts, but the fake character managed to pay a little sum of money and even get the blue tick mark next to his name.

Due to Twitter’s lax verification procedures and obvious desire for income, it appears that anyone may mimic someone on your network for $8.00. Selling the truth is dangerous and unacceptable in any way.

Only a few days earlier, the newly hired Twitter CEO had introduced an $8 monthly membership charge to verify accounts. As of this writing, Elon Musk has not yet responded to Ed Markey’s comments regarding Twitter’s privacy.

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