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Ed Byrne Shared A Story Of How He Met His Wife

Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne met his future spouse, Claire Walker, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2003. Walker was conducting press interviews to promote Dara Briain’s program at the same venue where the comedian was performing. After meeting her, he sought her contact information. “Do not give it to him. “I didn’t like how he cut his jib,” Walker said Briain.

She stated that she did not know him well, since they had only met a handful of times. Byrne’s wife stated that she disliked him since he was not her “cup of tea.”

However, the Irish actor had no intention of abandoning Walker. He had followed her throughout the Scottish city for two weeks and sent her multiple text messages.

Claire Walker, the wife of Ed Byrne, recalls their first meeting

In an interview with The Guardian in 2013, Walker stated that a day at the Fringe felt like a week. And the two weeks Byrne spent creating her business appeared to her to be a half-year.

Eventually, the two ended up together in the same late-night tavern one day. Byrne initiated contact with Walker by texting her after spotting her.

Walker said,

“I directed him to meet me at midnight at the Holyrood Tavern,”

Not until she spent the night conversing with Byrne did she realize she had previously underestimated him. Walker stated that she got to know the man behind the multiple-times-seen comedian on stage.

The wife of the comedian called him a “whole package” since he was “very kind, generous, and amusing.” Walker stated that she did not long for someone to make her laugh because she shared the stage with other comedians.

She stated that the two enjoyed a harmonious relationship because there were no disagreements or harsh discussions. “We rarely disagree on anything, and I miss him when he’s on tour,” Walker recounted, describing how they maintained in touch by calling twice or three times a day.

The Account of Ed Byrne’s First Encounter with His Wife

Byrne had his own account of his initial meeting with his wife. During the same interview, he disclosed that he met her in August 2003 and pursued her until she agreed to meet him for a drink.

“She maintains to this day that she didn’t like me,” the comedian remarked before describing how he eventually convinced her to have a drink with him. Byrne maintained that he “empirically” proven that he was worthy of a few dates rather than an open rejection.

Before their marriage, Byrne had recently split up with his ex-partner, while Walker was not seeking a permanent relationship. The couple spent four years together in order to get to know one another.

In 2008, Byrne and his wife Walker exchanged vows in a secret ceremony, one year after becoming engaged. On the other side, Byrne stated how Walker’s refusal to marry him nearly startled him. Byrne stated, “When I asked her to marry me, she tossed the ring back across the table and said, ‘I can’t marry you.'” Thankfully, she was joking.

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