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During A YouTube IRL Stream, IShowSpeed Was Swatted And Handcuffed


With over 10 million subscribers, Darren Watkins Jr., often known as IShowSpeed, is a well-known YouTube personality. His followers can’t get enough of his stuff because of his contentious outbursts and erratic live feeds.

The YouTuber made news just a month ago when he lit fireworks in his bedroom despite a conversation telling him not to.

The streamer panicked and dialed his mother as the firecrackers began to discharge flaming sparkles in all directions. Fortunately, the firework eventually died and nothing serious occurred.

Then, on August 8, 2022, his most recent stream was again interrupted, but for a very different cause.

The YouTube video creator was interrogated by police during an in-person stream, and they handcuffed him after.

During a Livestream, IShowSpeed is Restrained

The Cincinnati police officers encircled the YouTuber outside of a building as he was streaming. He was handcuffed before they began questioning him.

His videographer recorded everything while he was there and during the conversation. After being uploaded by Esports insider Jake Lucky, the video quickly became popular on Twitter.

He had allegedly been wrongly reported as a threat by someone. IShowSpeed was confused and distressed during the encounter in the video.

My God, dude! He continued saying, “I promise I didn’t do anything,” with a look of astonishment on his face.

The cameraman was then requested to stop filming by a police officer while they attempted to resolve the situation.

However, the stream came to an end when the police shoved the cameraman’s phone away because he refused to stop.

IShowSpeed could be heard discussing the problem with the authorities in the background.

The circumstance made IShowSpeed’s supporters nervous. The cop received harsh criticism from the streaming community for the manner he handled the cameraman, with many claiming that ordering them to cease shooting was against the law.

Adin Ross Claims IShowSpeed Is Acceptable

After the SWAT team targeted well-known streamer Adin Ross during his show on August 7, 2022, word of IShowSpeed’s swatting spread.

When four police policemen with firearms suddenly burst in, Ross was streaming some gambling stuff.

The streamer concluded the stream by declaring, “Whatever troll did it, you did it,” after returning to his room after ten minutes. Officially, you succeeded. It won’t ever happen again. Crazy. That was just crazy.

Ross was swatted for an unclear cause, but this is not the first time it has happened.

Online bullies who know the streamers’ addresses see this as a joke and summon the SWAT team to their location.

Ross’s fans were concerned, but on August 9, he posted a message on Twitter assuring everyone that everything was fine.

I was swatted last night; it was terrifying. I do, however, adore you guys and am fine. Speed was also swatted, but he’s fine now that we’ve hung up the phone. Man, we live in a sick world, Ross replied. IShowSpeed has not yet made any remarks about the predicament.

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