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Due To Neo Sculpting Video, Milena Ciciotti Is Facing Criticism

Milena Ciciotti

Lifestyle and aesthetics The Lord is Doing Something is a new video that YouTuber Milena Ciciotti has uploaded to her channel. She addressed recent claims that she had embellished her neo-sculpting experience. The influencer quoted several passages from the Bible while discussing the most recent event.

In her podcasts and videos, she advocated for people to value the natural bodies that God had given them. She was, however, exposed by a Reddit user who said she had received botox injections and neo-contouring treatments. Her online message was attacked by a lot of people, which stoked widespread animosity.

What was Milena Ciciotti able to achieve?

Reddit user Lepihi6 shared a screenshot of a comment made by a YouTuber that was in direct opposition to her advice. She did not reveal the process in her films showing her bodily metamorphosis, the netizen emphasized.

Milena Ciciotti is alleged to have undergone neo-sculpting while advising others not to. The aforementioned method reduces body fat while also promoting the growth of a person’s muscles.

The therapy, according to Cosmetic Skin Clinic, combines electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation. The therapy burns fat using thermal energy.

Neo sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that has received FDA approval in addition to being a tremendously transformational therapy. A video is how Milena Ciciotti has addressed the accusations. She remarked:

“There are times when I want to live freely as Milena and do my own things in my own world without the burden that comes with such a wide platform and such a large audience,” says Milena of her desire to live apart from her online persona.

She added that since the Lord had not yet called her to speak about the therapies she had received, she did not feel compelled to do so. She remarked,

“I’ll talk about things when the Lord moves me to do so,” I’ve long since realized that nothing positive will result if I just act in a certain way because I’m being coerced or frightened into saying anything.

In the video, Milena stated that she would reserve talking about the therapies she has had until she receives a call from the Lord. Ciotti claimed that she would respect God before allowing anyone to attack her religion because she only serves and fears him.

The 25-year-old will soon give birth to her third child. She wed Jordan Ciciotti in 2017. The couple’s first child, Alethea Valentina, was born in 2019, and their second, Ariel, was born in 2020.

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