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Due To His Brother’s Crime, Doublelift Loses His Mother


Doublelift as the esports phenom Yiliang Peng, a.k.a, rose to prominence as a pro-League of Legends player, an unbelievable incident completely changed the course of his life.

Peng revealed the heartbreaking news that his older brother had slain his mother and hurt his father in 2018.

Loss of Doublelift’s mother

The gamer used TwitLonger to share the tragic news about his mother’s death at the hands of his older brother, Yihong Peng, with his followers on April 2, 2018. In the encounter, he also left his father seriously hurt.

It was said that Peng’s brother killed his mother Wei Ping Shen by repeatedly stabbing her with a knife. Goujon Peng, his father, who was badly hurt but fortunately survived, was also stabbed by him.

According to the reports, Yihong tried to flee the scene of the crime after the murder but was apprehended in Orange County after his neighbors spotted him walking around with a knife in the middle of the night and immediately called the police.

Peng posted a status update on his social media account detailing how the experience had affected him.

“While I continue to process this information, I’ve teamed up with my dad and younger brother to check on them and make sure the necessary preparations are being made. I’ll probably keep quiet on social media as I process this. As you have in the past, I hope you can all relate to me and be supportive.”

The LoL player received a barrage of positive feedback from his followers. A professional Esports group, Team Liquid LoL, additionally demonstrated its support for the gamer. On their YouTube page, ABC7 displayed the group’s tweet, which read,

“After hearing this unexpected news, our hearts are sad right now. We mourn with Doublelift and his family and will do all we can to help them during this difficult time.”

Although the reason for the crime is yet unknown, rumors indicate that Yihong’s agitation following the split with his then-girlfriend may have contributed to the incident.

Peng was also given the appropriate punishment for his offense. But Peng’s life now has a void that will never be filled due to the occurrence.

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Adrift From His Parents

Because Doublelift’s οparents never fully backed his decision to become a professional gamer, Peng was previously known to have tense interactions with them.

When the professional League of Legends gamer decided to pursue a career in gaming, it had an impact on his relationship with his family.

The gamer described how Doublelift parents were adamantly opposed to his choice of work and how his older brother tried to get their parents to support Peng in a now-deleted interview video.

The gamer left his house at the age of sixteen as a result of a falling out with his parents. But as he grew older and his gaming career started to take off, his relationship with his parents also started to mend.

In 2015, Peng resorted to Twitter to express his appreciation for his parents.

Unfortunately, the American gamer’s mother passed away before he could fully mend fences with his family. His brother’s murder case resulted in a disastrous predicament that the entire family had to deal with.

Despite the difficult time, the gamer persisted in building a reputation for himself in the gaming industry. However, when he recently split up with his girlfriend, Leena Xu, his private life once more came to the attention of his large fan following.

Split Up With His Girlfriend?

Peng and Leena are regarded as one of the most well-known couples in the gaming industry. Leena, his ex-girlfriend, is currently the president of the Esports team TSM and is also active in the game industry.

                           Doublelift with his former girlfriend, Leena (Source: Instagram)

According to reports, the two started dating soon after Leena split up with Regi in 2019.

Additionally, the fact that they have been spotted together on social media since 2019 shows that they have been dating since then.

While their admirers were hoping for a happy ending to their romance, Leena’s post in 2021 declaring she was single sparked their interest.

Peng and Leena have been entertaining their followers with their lovely pair posts, but they haven’t recently uploaded anything together.

If you connect the dots, it most likely indicates that the couple has already broken up.

It is still up to them to quell their followers’ intrigue about their relationship, even though they haven’t yet been spotted together.

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