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Drew Pritchard New Wife | Ex Rebecca Jane Pritchard Divorce Story

Drew Pritchard

TV personality Drew Pritchard is well-known for collecting antiques. He became well-known for his knowledge of antiques and his roles on the hit TV show “Salvage Hunters.” Drew Pritchard developed an early passion for antiques and restoration. His upbringing gave him a fondness for revitalizing antique objects.

“Drew Pritchard Antiques” is the name of the antique company that Drew Pritchard owns and runs. His store has grown to be a well-known destination for those who collect antiques. His profession and life have demonstrated his love of antiques. He has become a well-liked personality among restoration show lovers because of his television appearances.

Who Is Drew Pritchard’s New Wife?

According to the most recent information, Drew Pritchard was single. Drew Pritchard is a well-known TV personality from Britain who also deals in and collects antiques. He is most known for his work on the television show “Salvage Hunters,” in which he searches the UK for priceless antiques and treasures.

Drew had not remarried after divorcing his ex-wife. He kept a low profile, preferring to concentrate on his work and love of antiques. There have been no formal declarations of his involvement in a new romantic endeavor. Drew’s love of antiques is central to his public character.

Drew Pritchard Ex Wife Rebecca Jane Pritchard And Divorce Story

Rebecca Pritchard is another common name for Rebecca Jane Pritchard. She was a fellow TV celebrity and the first wife of Drew Pritchard. The couple’s mutual love of antiques and collectibles led them to each other when Rebecca was working in property development. Rebecca joined Drew on the television program “Salvage Hunters,” and the two set out on their quest together. Nevertheless, their union ended in divorce in 2017.

This was the end of a major chapter in their life, respectively. Their divorce’s specific causes were not made public. On the other hand, there were whispers about Drew’s relationship with Amanda Thomas. Perhaps, in the end, this caused tension in their relationship. Despite the difficulties, Drew and Rebecca kept up their professional collaboration and gave their kids’ welfare top priority. As then, Rebecca has concentrated on her professional goals. This includes managing a B&B and vacation rental business in addition to renovating properties.

Drew Pritchard Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Drew Pritchard’s estimated net worth as of the most recent report was around $9 million. Drew is a well-known British television personality, collector, and dealer of antiques. His lucrative antique company, “Drew Pritchard Antiques,” is his main source of revenue. He purchases and trades priceless antiques and restoration goods. Drew became well-known for his part in the television series “Salvage Hunters.” This performance demonstrated his ability to transform trash into priceless collectibles.

It has become one of the most popular shows on the Discovery channel thanks to the show. His net worth was boosted by the show’s success and his proficiency with antiques. Drew’s financial success has been further enhanced by his good reputation in the antique market, which he has built through his competence. Net worth estimates, however, are subject to change over time for a variety of reasons.

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