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Doting husband and kids are part of Genie Francis’s picture-perfect family

Genie Francis

The actress Genie Francis from “General Hospital” has a smile that can brighten any space. She has been a part of the program “General Hospital” since 1977 and won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2007. She has formed a happy family with two children, a daughter, and a son while maintaining consistency in her job throughout.

Family & Kids of Genie Francis

Genie Francis has appeared in several other long-running shows, including “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless.” In addition to her extensive career, she has been married for decades. Jonathan Frakes and she have been married since 1988.

When they were filming the television miniseries “Bare Essence” in 1982, the two had their first encounter. Although they reconnected to film the miniseries “North and South” two years later, they did not fall in love until 1985, when they started dating.

Three years later, the two began a new union—marriage—which has now lasted for more than three decades. She does, however, have a purpose for it, despite the love and tenacity, she feels in her marriage. When discussing her happy marriage from last year, she said:

“You must be prepared to endure a few extremely trying years if you want to stay married for a long time.
Furthermore, you might need to have them more than once.”

Elizabeth Francis Frakes, a daughter, and Jameson Ivor Frakes, a son, are two of the two children she and her actor husband have. Genie certainly cares deeply for her spouse, but we believe that a more in-depth understanding of her love for her children would be beneficial.

Love for my son and daughter

Genie has a talented son and daughter, just as she does. Jameson, though, is her son and a talented pianist who is not particularly interested in a career in acting.

She claimed that if he were to engage in the movie business, he would be more interested in working “like his father” behind the camera. At Ithaca College, her son is majoring in documentary studies.

Elizabeth, however, wanted to be an actor, and the mother of two did not want her to enter the field when she was still a teenager. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

She had a very rational justification when she shared her strategy for if she ever decided to let Elizabeth work in the field as a teenager.

“I allowed her to participate in local theater and enroll in acting lessons with a top-notch instructor.
She could do a guest spot for the experience, if I allow her.
But I’d never let her appear in a TV show.”

That commitment yanks the adolescent “straight out of their usual daily environment and their peer group,” she continued. Because she was just 14 when she started working at “General Hospital” on a three-year contract for 52 weeks a year, the adoring mother’s concern is deeply personal. She consequently missed the majority of her high school years.

The mother and daughter pair have identical appearances. You can detect the similarity between these two stunning women based on a tweet Genie made back in 2015.

She celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday by sharing a silly and amusing photo of the two of them on social media. The four-person happy family is one huge happy family, and it won’t be long before their kids enter the business and soar to new heights in life just as their incredibly gifted parents did.

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