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Dominic Allburn

Being cast as Sebastian in the 2016 film Model propelled renowned Australian actor Dominic Allburn to prominence. Comparably, he has appeared in several television series and films.

Further establishing his reputation is Allburn’s portrayal of ‘Harry Polson’ in the television adaptation of ‘A Place to Call Home.’ Between 2013 and 2018, the program was broadcast.

What is the Net Worth of Dominic Allburn? Salary, Earnings

Since Dominic Allburn is a well-known actor, writer, director, and producer of television series and films, his primary sources of income consist of acting, writing, and directing. He has amassed a substantial income through his occupation.

Alburn amasses a considerable fortune as an actor; his ardor and profession have fructified in substantial fortune and renown. His total net worth is $1.7 million, which is comparable to the net worth of Jack Ashton.

Additionally, Alburn possesses other assets and salaries, compensation, and passive income in his fortune.

Where was Dominic Allburn born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Although Alburn was born and reared in Sydney, Australia, he and his family subsequently immigrated to the United States. The guidance of his family characterized his upbringing. His religious affiliation is Christianity.

Additionally, neither the identities nor the family histories of his parents are disclosed on any public or social media platform. His personal life has remained private.

In his hometown, Alburn, the actor from A Place to Call Home, concluded his secondary education at a private institution. Further information regarding his secondary education and high school remains confidential.

After graduating from high school, Isaac enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to pursue a film-related career. A bachelor’s degree in the arts is held by him.

Quick Facts

Full NameDominic Alburn
Marital StatusSingle
Height185 cm
Weight68 kg

Is Dominic Allburn Single? Relationship

Dominic Alburn has refrained from disclosing the nature of his relationship at this time. It appears that he is presently uninterested in forming collaborations because he is entirely occupied with his work.

Moreover, no details are available regarding his prior collaborations that garnered significant attention within the medium.

Even though he prefers to keep his personal information private, we will keep you informed if he discloses anything regarding his relationship status.

How tall is Dominic Allburn? Weight, Hair Color

Dominic Alburn is an outstanding young man who is 185 centimeters (6 feet 1 inch) tall and weighs about 68 kilograms. Slender in build, he possesses a pallid complexion. Both of his irises and tresses are black.

Dominic has diligently pursued athletic endeavors to preserve his physical fitness. Moreover, the specifics of his physical dimensions continue to be shrouded in mystery.

How did Dominic Allburn start his Professional Career?

Alburn dedicates a significant portion of his vacation and recreational time to the exploration of novel locales and the capture of captivating images. His concern is for the environment.

Alburn has had a lifelong ambition to become an actor. His beloved subsequently became his principal occupation. Skilled actor Alburn discovered his passion for the craft during his primary school years.

Alburn is without a doubt a highly skilled and multifaceted actor. A multitude of short films have featured him, among them Driftwood Dustmites and The Duel at Blood Creek, Ash.

Comparably, he has appeared in The Doctor Blake Mysterious, Two Worlds, The Fortress, My Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, and A Place to Call Home.

IMDb lists fourteen acting credits attributed to Alburn. His IMDb profile lists numerous television programs in which he has appeared, such as Viewpoint and Between Two Worlds, among others.

Furthermore, similar to Israel Broussard, his profile comprises various personal details such as a biography, filmography, height, and university affiliation.

Sebastian is a role played by Alburn in the film The Model. The movie received divided reviews from critics. Notwithstanding the disorder, Alburn succeeded in delivering a praiseworthy performance.

Mads Matthiessen serves as the film’s Danish director for The Model. Anders August, Matthiessen, and Martin Zandvliet are the authors.

The film’s plot centers around a youthful Danish model who is in the process of establishing her reputation in the fashion industry. It did earn a substantial amount of money at the box office.

Social Media Details

Although Dominic Alburn is not a frequent user of social media platforms, he has been active on Instagram as of late. On Twitter and Facebook, however, no recognized official user account bearing his name has been identified.

However, his supporters might have created Twitter and Facebook accounts using his persona.

Being active on Instagram, Alburn has amassed more than 1,500 followers. His alias on Twitter is @dominicallburn.

In terms of personal interests, Alburn is a dynamic individual with a penchant for journeying. He takes pleasure in traveling and meeting new individuals.

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