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Did Mike And Kelly Bowling Get Divorced? What Happened Her Family?

Kelly Bowling

Kelly Bowling and her daughters have left their longtime residence, According to the lengthy message. Longtime fans of the gospel singing group The Bowling Family were shocked by a Facebook post from the group. 

What transpired between husband and wife Mike and Kelly Bowling to cause her to depart was not made clear in the post. However, the couple’s supporters are guessing that they are divorcing. The scenario has been detailed by Kelly Bowling’s family, who have pleaded for prayers.

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Is Kelly Bowling Married? Relationship

Mike And Kelly Bowling
Mike And Kelly Bowling (Source: OtakuKart)

The pandemic has been difficult for Mike and Kelly Bowling and their family. According to reports, some family members who shared a stage together in October 2020 contracted COVID-19. A 2010 accident that had hurt Mike, Kelly, and one of their kids, Katelanne, had led to more health problems.

Mike had been absent from recent family gatherings, as social media users had noted. And in 2021, a startling announcement was made on the family’s Facebook page.

According to a tweet from April 14, Kelly and her daughters have relocated from their house to a new “blue” residence. The lengthy post made no mention of Mike and was mysterious. Instead, it emphasized the memories of Kelly’s daughters in that house.

Shock, solace, and perplexity were all over the post’s comments section. Some people questioned whether the Bowling family is dealing with any health problems or a loss, or whether Mike and Kelly are divorcing.

Ingrid Crabb Kelly’s mother Hannah responded with a remark to allay some of the rumors. She claimed that her daughter and Mike are “getting divorced.” Mike is “gone,” but it’s unclear exactly what she meant by that.

We won’t hear anything else about the topic for a while after Hannah’s statement. With this response, she wishes to give her daughter and grandchildren some solitude at this trying time.

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