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Taliah Webster

Taliah Webster is an actress best known for playing Crystal in the 2017 Robert Pattinson-led murder thriller Good Time. Despite numerous A-listers being present in Josh and Benny Safdie’s film, Webster, who plays Connie’s teenage ally, stands out for her unflappable experience.

Webster, a native of New York, hasn’t been involved in many films or television shows since her ground-breaking performance in Good Time.

Where was Taliah Webster born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Taliah Webster, who plays The Crystal in the television series Good Time, was born on May 23, 1998, according to IMDB, but some other stories contend she was actually born a few years later. Because of this, the young actress was 14 when she was offered the part of Crystal. She is a native of New York’s Bronx.

Taliah confirmed in August 2017 that she was enrolled in HB Studio and high school acting lessons. She attended TAPCO school, which stands for theater arts production company. Webster, a 20-something actress, credits her acting teacher with helping her break into the business by informing her of a casting call for the movie Good Time.

Taliah claimed that her teacher had instructed her to leave, which she did. As a result of numerous callbacks, Webster eventually was cast as a crucial element of the movie’s cast.

Is Taliah Webster Single? Relationship

The Good Time actress did share a picture on her Facebook a few years back that gave a little bit of a peek into that issue, though it is unclear who Webster is dating right now or even if she has a partner at all. In the picture, a man is happily kissing the actress while holding Webster in his arms. The braided boy’s kind act seems to be appreciated by Taliah.

The worrisome thing about this is that Webster has never made any further mention of the man with the black T-shirt. Since then, he has only existed as a mysterious subject. She hasn’t really discussed her dating life, according to the Hair Wolf actress.

Why Was Taliah Webster Cast in Good Time?

Webster was discovered by Jennifer Venditti and her crew at an open call, according to an interview with one of the Good Time casting teams. It seems that Geraldine, a friend of Venditti’s who adored open calls, met Taliah, who was far younger than the casting crew had anticipated.

She had a lot of sass and I think she was 14 years old. She took acting classes in the Bronx, where her teacher informed her about [the open call], which her grandma took her to. Venditti recounted the exact second she made the choice to support Webster.

Out of 600 actors, Taliah Webster was selected to play Crystal. In response to a question from The Youngfolks in August 2017, the film’s directors, the Safdie Brothers, confirmed that the street casting was where all of the unemployed actors were involved.

In a sense, casting director Jennifer Venditti and her colleagues were scouring different segments of society and the streets, stopping people and holding open casting calls. The brothers claim that Taliah was one of the 600 applicants who replied to the open casting call for Crystal.

The Proper Role Of Webster

Good Time was Webster’s first major motion picture. The Crystal actress talked about her experience working on a popular independent movie. It’s amazing. You never anticipate that your first acting project will be a movie, even if it’s a fantastic one. She also remarked on how fun working with the Safdie brothers was. The native of the Bronx claimed that having a job at Good Time gave her the opportunity to get to know everyone.

Webster claimed that her escape from everything and her objective were to be in the movie. Taliah received a Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her energetic 16-year-old role in Good Time, Crystal. Her additional film and television credits include the 2019 series Caper and the 2018 short film Hair Wolf.

Taliah was an avid Twilight follower

Taliah Webster claimed to have seen “Twilight” 500 times and acknowledged that she was on the verge of tears during the Pattinson screen test for Good Time. Webster acknowledges falling in love with the Batman actor.

She didn’t show it, though, when they first met for the movie. The Good Time casting crew claimed that one of the factors that led to Taliah’s selection as Crystal was her capacity to keep her emotions in check when sharing personal moments with someone she cherishes.

When asked what her next project might be in August 2017, Webster responded, “Whatever comes my way is what I’m trying to take,” Making short films is something I’m trying to do, but I’m open to any opportunities that come my way.

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