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Debunking Kaleb Wyse’s Husband Rumors

Kaleb Wyse

“We just seem to complement each other really well,” YouTuber Kaleb Wyse said of his blogging partner Joel Kratzer. While the duo is well-known for their work on the lifestyle YouTube channel Wyse Guide, their fans appear to be interested in more than just their YouTube content.

It’s been a long time since the couple has been the subject of a rumor, and the rumor is that Joel is Kaleb’s husband.

Kaleb Wyse- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Kaleb Wyse, 33, grew up on a farm in Iowa and had a different perspective on life. His inspiration for what he is doing today as a content creator comes from witnessing the way of life his family taught him since he was a child, miles away from the influence of city life.

Kaleb attended Mennonite University after graduating from Mennonite High School with a business degree. Although he expected to have a career in business, working in an office crunching numbers, his path changed when he met Joel, who assisted Keleb in taking his passion for cooking and gardening to the next level.

Kaleb and his blogging partner Joel are making incredible progress with their inspiring content on YouTube and their website, with the goal of inspiring others with his way of life.

Is Wyse’s husband Joel Kratzer?

Being famous does not always come with advantages. Every aspect of your life becomes a matter of public interest, particularly your personal life, which catches the majority of attention.

The same thing happened to Kaleb Wyse. Anyone who watches Kaleb’s content on a regular basis knows how close he is to his blogging partner Joel, who is in charge of almost everything that happens behind the camera in creating their lifestyle content.

Their relationship is stronger than ever after nearly a decade of working together on their YouTube channel. However, after witnessing their bond, many assume they were romantically involved, and now internet searches are filled with Joel being speculated as Kaleb’s husband.

The assumption, however, is false because the duo has never confirmed such speculation. Furthermore, Kaleb has not yet been married.

Although they appear unconcerned about the gossip, they frequently discuss their decade-long friendship and how they came to share the same journey through a shared passion.

Wyse Guide’s Origin

In a 2014 video uploaded to their YouTube channel, the two passionately shared the story of the creation of their YouTube channel and their lifelong friendship, bringing them together as tight-knitted friends.

Joel stated,

I met Kaleb in college. We took many of the same courses, so we were bound to meet and discover that we were very similar in many aspects of our lives.

It didn’t take long for the two to realize they shared a common interest and that their friendship would last forever. As Kaleb describes, his mother and grandmother influenced his interest in cooking, gardening, and decorating from a young age.

In order to bring Kaleb’s passion to light, Joel suggested he start a blog where he could share his ideal lifestyle. Kaleb took the idea and ran with it right away.

As of 2021, the YouTube channel, which was founded in 2012, had 103 thousand subscribers thanks to numerous guide videos on farm life. Kaleb commented on their efforts to inspire people to live a simple and relaxing lifestyle connected with nature, saying,

Right now, we both enjoy utilizing our talents and skills in these capacities. Kaleb and Joel expanded their ideas by creating a website, The Grey Boxwood, that further elaborates on their rural lifestyle, in order to continue to build a community through their wholesome content.

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