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Days After She Discovers Her Boyfriend, Olivia Pierson, To Be “Shady,” They Break Up

Olivia Pierson

Similar events have occurred to “Olivia Pierson is a regular WAGS on “Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars.” Marcedes Lewis, Olivia’s boyfriend, and she have since parted ways because she thought he was acting “shady.”

Not all relationships have happy endings. Heartbreak also comes together with love. However, if there are problems with trust and miscommunication, the relationship will inevitably terminate, destroying hearts.

See how their relationship ended and how her lover became “shady.”

Is Olivia Pierson Single? Relationship, Boyfriend

Olivia was taken aback by the WAGS sneak peek footage from August 2019 when she ran and saw her ex-partner at a party in Los Angeles.

Marcedes, her ex-partner, was meant to be in Jacksonville, Florida, practicing with his football team. After expressing shock, Olivia said:

“What the hell is happening? Even if you live in the same city as me, why don’t you answer the phone? You are carrying your phone with you. You don’t think to text me saying, “Hey, I’m in Los Angeles?” This is not appropriate, so you better surprise me right now. This is so dubious!”

 Olivia Pierson
Olivia Pierson and Her Then-Boyfriend Mercedes on an Episode of WAGS (source: eonline.com)

She broke off her romance with Marcedes just a few days after discovering his shadiness. Olivia discovered her boy cheating on her not the first time, sadly. He has been seen making out with Tia Shipman before.

Likewise, the flirting was followed by a questionable photo taken with Olivia’s sister Sophia Pierson.

In 2015, Olivia and Marcedes started dating. She and her ex-partner were the newest couples at WAGSs when she arrived with her girlfriends. She stated the following in a Fame10 interview:

“Our girlfriend Nicole found out about it from her modeling agency, and the show was looking for girls who were close friends. Natalie said, “If you want me, Olivia’s coming with, we are two peas in a pod lol,” to Nicole’s question because both of their partners at the time were San Diego Chargers players.”

Olivia, who is 32 years old and yet has a beautiful appearance, is not married despite formerly having a boyfriend. If their relationship hadn’t terminated, Marcedes might have ended up being her husband.

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How did Olivia Pierson start her Professional Career?

Olivia appears to be putting a lot of effort into advancing her profession now that she has broken off her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She is rumored to be making an unbelievable salary as a YouTuber and previous regular on WAGS.

Olivia hasn’t disclosed her precise net worth, but based on her career to date, it appears that the entertainment industry paid her well.

However, the ensemble of WAGS has frequently talked about the reality star’s unacceptable wealth. She and her cousin Natalie Halcro, who is also her best friend, have been charged with low-level escort services. In the November 2017 episode of WAGS, Olivia approached the cast members in response to the rumor, asking: Which one of you mentioned escorting?

Natalie described in detail how the contentious cousins had a reliable source of money during the same confrontation. She claims that the two charge between $15,000 and $20,000 for a post.

When Olivia and Natalie debuted their newest clothing collection around the end of 2017, their business savvy was clearly on display.

Given the chemistry between Olivia and her cousin Natalie, E! revealed in May 2018 that the two would appear in the network’s newest reality series, Nat & Liv. The Cineflix and Machete Productions-produced docuseries offers a window into the life of the cousins and BFFs.

The famous cousins just debuted their own swimming line called “JUNE JOY SWIM” after appearing in the show.

We can’t wait to give you guys more updates on the star and they as we watch their careers take off together!

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