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David Quinn EXPLAINS His Unmarried Status

David Quinn

Ice hockey coach David Quinn has made a name for himself among well-known sports figures over the years of his contribution to the sport. But aside from his incredible profession, his followers haven’t known much about his personal life for a while. The thing that worries me the most about him is that he hasn’t married yet.

David Quinn has never been married, why?

While many of his fans are worried about his love life, his 2018 interview with the New York Times answers their questions about why he decided against getting married.

He spoke primarily on his professional side throughout the interview, but he also briefly discussed his feelings toward marriage.
David Quinn said simply, “I guess I can’t find somebody stupid enough to marry me.”

He answered too modestly, I suppose. Interestingly though, the ice hockey coach denied being New York’s most eligible bachelor and said he had a nice girlfriend instead.

The coach, who is notoriously private about his relationships, has never talked much about his girlfriend, Kerry O’Brien, but there have been rumors that they have been together since the coach was in college.

It’s unclear whether David was referring to Kerry when he mentioned girlfriend in the New York Times interview, but in any case, he’s unlikely to marry anytime soon.

Additionally, David’s work, which requires a lot of his time, is one of the main reasons he is not married. The coach has never had the opportunity to settle down and begin a family with a bride because of how frequently he has had to move due to his demanding work.

But in 2018, it was said that the head coach has made a 2.6 million dollar Chelsea loft his permanent home. Could David’s decision to settle in Chelsea be a sign that he is ready to reconsider his marriage and bring a wife into his already successful career life?

This question can only be answered by David. The accomplishments he has amassed during his decades of service to ice hockey are sure to overshadow other elements of his life, even though his secretive love life still leaves his admirers wondering who his possible wife could be.

David, though, made news recently when the New York Rangers relieved the coach of his duties. No longer with the New York Rangers is David Quinn?

Whether the decision to fire David from the New York Rangers was the right one has been a hot subject recently. The Rangers informed supporters of his dismissal in a letter sent to fans in February 2018, stating that the NHL team would be rebuilt with a new head coach.

David, whose contract with the Rangers was signed in 2018, made contributions to the squad throughout three seasons, and his tenure as coach of the Rangers came to an end after the team missed the playoffs in 2021. Even though his time with the Rangers came to an end, his illustrious career shines through in the accomplishments he has amassed over the years.
His prior coaching experience includes working with the Lake Erie Monsters.

David has a bright future ahead of him thanks to his great track record as a player and coach, but we’ll have to wait and see which team he decides to join to continue his career in the sport.

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