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Dave Hester

Dave Hester

Dave Hester- Biography

Dave Hester is a reality TV personality and businessman best known to the globe for his role in the popular reality series “Storage Wars” (2010-2017).

What is the Net Worth of Dave Hester? Salary, Earnings

Dave has made a reputation for himself and amassed a solid net worth since beginning his career. His net worth is reported to be more than $4 million, making him one of the richest “Storage Wars” cast members, all thanks to his hard work and dedication. Among his other expensive belongings are a vehicle collection and a villa.

Dave Hester- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Dave was born on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base near Oceanside, California, USA, on July 23, 1964. He is of Irish and German origin, is the son of a former auctioneer. From a young age, he would accompany his father to various auctions virtually every day. Dave’s interest in auctions grew as he grew older, and he began purchasing and selling stuff himself. Hester began a professional career after completing his high school education rather than academic courses.

Dave Hester- Professional Career

Dave became a bid-catcher in the early 1990s after attending his first auction in the mid-1980s. In 1992, he received his auctioneer’s license and began his career in the furniture industry. He soon recognized, however, the potential of storage facilities, and what he could find and subsequently sell in them. Dave’s father, who was also an auctioneer, had a vast collection of trains, which he sold and then invested in his own business.

Thrift Shops

Dave built Newport Consignment Gallery and Rags to Riches secondhand stores in Costa Mesa, California, as his business grew. He started with 15 staff, which grew as a result of his success. ‘The Golden Pool,’ a painting by California impressionist Jack Wilkinson Smith purchased for $750 and later authenticated and sold for $155,000, was one of the most precious artifacts he discovered during his storage adventures.

Selection for Storage Wars

Dave was picked as a cast member of the reality series “Storage Wars” by the producers due to his expanding business. From the first season to the present, Dave has appeared in over 100 episodes, and his discoveries, as well as his earnings from the show, have undoubtedly enhanced his net worth. Dave got the moniker The Mogul during his time on the show.

Feuds of Various Kinds

Dave, renowned for his outspoken demeanor, got into arguments with several other “Storage Wars” cast members, notably Darrell and Brandon Sheets, and was sacked by the Network in 2012. Dave returned to the show following a lawsuit he filed against A&E. In 2015, he began a new quarrel, this time with Dan and Laura Dotson, which resulted in fistfighting.

Dave Hester’s Fascinating Facts:

  • Dave is the son of a hoarder, and after following in his father’s footsteps and purchasing goods, he grew obsessed with selling for a profit, which led to the creation of “Storage Wars.”
  • He wants to acquire a motor home and visit at least one auction per day.
  • Dave has a sibling with whom he has not communicated in years.
  • Dave lives in Westminster, California, and he owns a 1,263-square-foot home.

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